Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One more box to do there....

I started last year with a new idea, and I am happy to say that as we light up another I was sorta successful. ...


I think i'm going to make a little more sense today...just to wrap things up you know.. round things off nicely...

maybe a little explaination is in order..

where do I begin?

2008 was always going to be a big year, i had known for a long time that myself and my friends were going to spread like wildfire over the following 12 months so i decided to try and take advantage of this. In January i decided to start something i called "The Finder Project" ( in the hope of giving myself a little more direction and perhaps generate more interest in my music and writing.

Ok....IT FAILED! I accept this outright... it was far too ambitious and i had neither the time nor the money to keep such a project running. While i managed to release a first batch of cd's in Early february containing the Night Reasons collection there was little or no response so i decided to scrap the idea for the time being. ...

but there were some benefits from the whole experience. . I discovered that the idea of giving each months body of work a title (January was "Night Reasons", February "Closed systems" etc etc)gave my work more structure and made it easier know when and where i had made something. Furthermore my work within these months started to become themed by the structure itself. Songs would play off themselves and a unity would start to form. I was happy with this because it was clear in my writing too...

Months went by and some were more successful than others, some were more meaningful than others and some barely even happened.

In June or July or...i dunno but i had my first gig while i also began djing ... equipment also became better and by the end of the summer i had reached a proficiency and direction with my music that i had never had before.. while the gigs were not yet there i was happy that if it was i would be ready and able.

And then i went to Paris.. to ignore the fact that my body of work nearly tripled during my time in Paris would be ridiculous. It was and continues to be my most productive period yet and definitely most experimental. However i was lacking a lot of equipment and any exposure whether it be on the internet or otherwise... i was working hard and distracted by nothing (well nearly)...

And now that we have reached 2009, i am happy that in the past 12 months i have taken many steps towards many things in many different places and in many different ways....

And now i must look at 2009 and decide what to do now..

and i dont think it is going to be the same...

gotta keep moulding.....
and i sorta know already but where would the fun be if i told you what it was!?

here is a list of 2008 musical work you can find it all on my many internet sites..

January - Night Reasons
A lesson on the Past
A Lesson on the Future
Slow City Burn Down
If We dont get there on time, the wine is going to be gone and I am not talking to that woman sober!

February - Closed Systems
The Loss of Mist
Copper Chair

March - Head of Bear
Crazy Junior's Garage Sale
April - Lost Piece
Kings Throw
Times Between Hunger and Wired Life
The Wired Earth

May - Paper Cuts
Southern Growth on the Mood and Fly

June - Evolution
Chop it, Slice it, Eat!
We're all on Opposites

July - Blind
Create Your Greens and Blues
It makes you Shake Cold Rivers
On Hold

August - Often Lower
Deep Roots and Every Single Heart
Inside Boy
Spine the Curls and Spring

September - Over Seven Heads
Shapes Of
Good Heat
And Exhale
Ask Again
Sent Ages Ago
Word Me Landscape
Heavy Little Drops

Live - Shape Of
Shape of Metal Sheet
Shape of Numbers
Shape of Glass
Shape of Rolling wheels
Shape of New Silence
Shape of Falling

October - Calm
Another Fourteen Hours
Without the Usual Explosives 1 & 2
Over Action Over Action000
Heart Of The System

November - Grain on Sand
Open Season
Polar Rush
Hundred Bridges
Jupiter Joined Like Any Other
War (Shit Shovelling Remix)
Peppered Water
Up Up Feather! GO!
Crawl and Wait
Prometheus Gives
Prometheus Gets
Sights on Full Power

December - Mountains
Union Groove
Orange Rip Banana
Healing Song

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Long Days in Window

She came out and asked him what he was doing there...he looked uncomfortable to say the least... he wanted whatever money they had left it seems...and she, with her head wired to her radio, looked formidable and provided protection for what it was worth

he walked away empty as the bank

They stood waiting, guarding their ground, waiting for the booze, for the money to arrive, and time it passed, land was gained...more to protect....more to use! Guiding it slowly between €100,000 and €70,000 the booze was landed....safes filled with prospect and christmas saved for the tramps and trilionaires alike...

The flower pot took a holiday from truck invasion....probably somewhere on the pacific coast?

Hello.....taking my picture i see....I'm over here!.....excuse me!.....FLASH.....

light fills the story book... i press rewind and look again .... the world grinds slowly to a halt, for a moment there is nothing until as slowly as it stopped the world began again, but this time water fell up and morning was in the west... until FLASH..... present picked a power play and poked its head into the limelight...

hello got me this stop looking at me

i have stuff to be payed for.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And heavy is ... think you have it all under know how it looks, how it seems, you believe what you feel is good..

in fact


you two dont seem to believe anymore, is it not silly? Now!? in this place and time? am i glue? and who are you to take my judgement as yet another pointless quibble?

dont do this for me...but dont pull apart the threading, the anchor i wanted for so long...and still desire.

there is a lot more you dont see....dazed... obstructed....afflicted... misled.. you woudnt care....i think now that you are just waiting for a reason...

and holding everything in control...waiting to let it all go

because you can

because your stuck

i am nearly too much in this light

the covers have been pulled the curtains too...

too much in this light

so we will change it ok?

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Union Groove

You would elongate and emphasise the writings on the other side of everything. You would try and make THAT difference, you would try and bring a change. YOu would try and hold it all together. Unify.

You would sieze the day, you would sieze the money, the children the cars the holiday bonus, the justifaction, you would try and sieze it all. You would try and bring it all together. Unify.

And then

Its over.

Ah well it wasnt that much fun anyway. I ned to spend a bit of money and have my insides checked for wires...

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Orange Rip Banana

Its rolling again... these rhythms, thick, full, pulling at my brain, injecting multicoloured plastic into my mind...massive hardened brain cells... all colours now its all i see
push it in push it in

pumping hard rhythms is all i hear

and now my soul is in the right place...slower place... more chance in this place, more interesting in this place, more cold in this place but more heat. there is more for me in this place...

gloves today

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Monday, November 10, 2008

I followed the pants around the swirl section...

It made patterns like youth and forth section of the young lame society... we went around together in the cold wind and dying light.... captured the natural and unnatural..the broken breaking and brand new...and then a lot more made a lot less sense

I finally went there, was waiting for you really but it was just in the swirl today, made a lot more sense today, would have disrupted the swirl if i hadnt to be honest

and i am still cut off

always all so temporary,costly, priced

if only there was the familiar

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dont wake up to another one...

It all falls apart so delicately... like a feather in a flame..

so different

just another difference

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fresh ice

Lets just take this bit apart...

living things... things that want to live, curiosity.. should i even be here, this wasnt meant for this... this is all new here.

Look at it....look at it ignore the reason we are here... look around you silly thing! LOOK AORUND

And we are making noises in my ears... we are making ripples in my head.... we are maing everything... i may need you..

need you more than i ever thought i did... i need you do the most important things for me..

and nobody else...

they quack

i click

they quack

i click

i ignore

i dont want to

i need you


is this how M. Monet felt?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

All This....

And so i am looking onto you, my teples reflect this new yet very old way of being... i am not inside, i am looking in, and the things that disrupt you move too and fro.. one more and we would have unity again. One more and peace would have peace. Lights in my temples... i want to know what it is like... i want to control you and understand.. then i could visit where i want to be... these fireworks would exist n reality and in fantasy... with this i could have one more minute.. however false... however real..

Joined at the hip i will wait and wait for the right time to save this... save everything.. you crackle a little... and hop along... who was that? i dont know if i looked or not. Its got to be you on that edge.. You sent it to me, that which i could not find, and its rythms so familiar sound so much sweeter from the place i wish to visit...

visit... is that what it has become now? Temporary.... not normal.... different....foreign... dissimillar.. strange.... you may not have balance....not.... nothing.... you may have little in the way of structure , that of trust or shame....u have nothing... but i want it just as much as heavy air.

hearing it....not seeing it.. thinking it...not feeling it.


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Saturday, October 11, 2008

An idea for why i am here...

The lack of symmetry is in the detail I feel. Since I have arrived here I have taken an interest, for whatever reason, in the inherent symmetry of Paris. Baron Haussmann’s design for a modern Paris, one of massive endless vistas and the unification of major centres of the city with the various symbols of Paris has carved into the fluidity of natural human organisation an inescapable symmetry. This is the sort of grandeur, the sort of order that is non-existent in my mind… a sort of planned brilliance that gnaws at the electrical pathways in my brain. I was made for far more disjointed places… far more natural places… far more chance. It’s not that I dislike this quality of Paris… in fact I think it is one of the most beautiful things about it. This is why we come here. This is why the world has been fascinated by the city for so long. The intention was to create grandeur, create an empire worth fighting for, a stamp so great on the face of the earth that generations for years to come would flock to it just to say that they had been there… This is a unity on a grand scale… something created to please the eyes of man… but as I begin to seek out a place for my asymmetrical brain in this symmetrical maze I am beginning to realise that man himself is this cities most asymmetrical enemy.

Why am I so interested in all of this? Why am I so concerned with this order? Well I can only imagine that as a person so used to medieval structure with Georgian highlights suddenly encased within a world so dominated by order and balance, my uncoordinated brain has repulsed the invasive French facade that now surrounds me… and what has resulted is this ramble and perhaps the concentration of my work for time to come.

I have noticed you see, that while symmetry is so evident here in everything we glance at, it is when we look closer that we find an asymmetry within. I think it is in the detail… Now I could be wrong! But I want to find out if I am or not and this is going to take time. Let me insist that this is not going to be an attempt at ruining the supposed beauty of Paris! I feel that while we may think the beauty is in the symmetry, it is in fact in the unknown asymmetry. The most beautiful human faces are plastered all over our news papers, magazines and billboards yet no human face is even close to symmetrical… if one was to see a perfectly symmetrical face it would seem weird without ever understanding why. So the asymmetry I am looking for is more for my piece of mind rather than for my hate of Parisian city planning. So I am going to look closer… I am going to point my lens in new directions and try and find the roots of Paris’ beauty.

One thing that I feel is the most destructive of Paris’ symmetry is the presence of man. If it was possible to rid Paris of everyone but one single occupant, to that persons eye the symmetry would be untarnished. Yet the presence of even one more person unbalances the picture, and tips the scales towards disorder and mayhem. When we try to take a picture in the Touillerie Gardens everything must be central, everyone in the picture must be central… or else our eyes feel strained and our minds are stretched. Yet today people, little black smudges, speckle disorder across the Parisian canvas and unbalance the picture. Only in an ordered, totalitarian state can I imagine the power required to harness man in such a way as to maintain the symmetry of a place which includes multiples of people… we destroy the very thing we want to see, just by being there!

I want to use this disorder, I want to expose it and feed off it. I want to live inside it and bring to attention its incredible beauty and uniqueness.

I want to see the asymmetry of Paris.

This is what I’m thinking.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

There was Definitely no way around it...

Have you sorted that out yet? i didn't think so... and now here i am wishing i had it in my hands to profess my brilliance! are late, again, nothing ever changes i guess. Do we need to rationalise this.. the street outside is busy when it wants to be... the sun is shining when it wants to be... i dont feel like i can say... "oooo there is that weather again!" as if i know what i am talking about Yet another new thing...seems to be the new thing these things....

Even thought many THINGS are the same... it just doesnt make that much of an impression...

..ehm could you speak slower?... i mean .... could you spell that out.. i dropped mine..

And so another adventure into the sticky mess.. its a very symmetrical sticky mess here... im impressed actually! no more conflicting views and interrupted vistas...the city has taken care of that with one fowl haussmanian sweep... my mind will continue the disjointed conflictions... IKE...

And again

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Monday, October 6, 2008

New Black rimmed automiotive junction headings...dont let me break you in two... im working on making you magnificent!

...and so it happened.. Where do i break the ties holding onto all those youthful thoughts that rim the hearts of home.. kings of my mind, the things that keep me straight. i sit at your table and ask for anything that will make this work... anything that is required at this time...yes...all....nearly everything.. and in the home we have a hole developing and in the new home holes will be vacated and filled... point that lens in new directions, point it to new people and stones and walls that have not yet been mind invents the scenes, invents the places and the people... my mind likes to take control and invent this stuff... i'm not going to lie mdear it isn't going to be a walk in the park but today everything is that bit easier...

you guys always knew how to hit it hard on a good note...on a resonant note,, on a good note.. you know it! you can feel it! yes you can

your words were so honest , that's true my man, the new home for you is indeed honest and trust have nothing left to fear now except the gratification of others and myself... your new home is solid and your new way of thinking is spacious...

and now we fall into the daze of a new place..

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Then there was a limit

Lots and lots of little bits, the bits i put down and took apart and the bits i forgot about. The lines here and there... they bring me back to time when i was only pushing at the walls...feeling their texture on my fingers...wondering if they will move at all.. wondering how far i could push this, how far i could grow...of course then there was a limit...set by those who had our best interests at heart...but things are different and i must hold myself back from punching holes in the sides...from pushing too hard... from breaking the limits...

but if i want to succeed i need to break the walls... yet i make myself stop...yet i think it over and over...

another one banged out..hard edges harsh...cold... tired, fed up with all the fuss... fed up with all the questions and ignorance.. fed up of all the silence.. done with all the noise... a good loud one was needed... and now its done

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Now Boy

I wrote this very silly line, between my thumb and forefinger, it didn’t make much sense to anyone but me and it revolved around the revelations of the world. I am going to let you in a little secret boy, now you listen to me. All these shadows that follow you through the caves.. all these empty bodies that cascade down upon you, they are all just white ghosts boy. White ghosts. Any time you wish to expel these daemons just wave your hand to where you see them and remember the reality, you hear me boy? Remember the reality?

Your imagination is your control boy, if you are out of control so is your imagination and when all else fails common sense will prevail boy, your just too young to realise that. .. and I’m sorry to say it but it will be many years before you realise reality.. boy.. let me tell you a story..

It’s about a stone, and this stone had a hard time getting pushed this way and that by the wind, the sea, the animals and the people. This stone had travelled farther than you could ever imagine boy… yes boy, waaaay past the shop on the corner!

One day this stone found itself below a great big boulder, and for a long time he did not move for the boulder protected the little stone without even realising. The stone was happy at last below this great shield, and set itself happily between the grass and the dirt for many many years. But this stone was silly for it presumed it had every right to its place in this safety and failed to ask the great boulder for permission to stay…

The little stone became more and more sure of himself, boasting to it’s forelorn and beaten friends the greatest of lives below this great boulder.

Then it started to rain… and the little stone got wet… and bit by bit, year by year.. the great boulder got smaller and smaller, the little stone was not happy, and began to remember the hard times, the punishing wind and rain, the endless seas… he could not let it happen again..

“Boulder! Oh big boulder! Why have you stopped protecting me!?” it shouted in protest with a tone so full of disbelief..

…the boulder stirred… the boulder growled as if woken from a great sleep… but didn’t say a word…

“Boulder! Oh big, brutish boulder! Look at me and explain yourself!” Screamed the little stone again…

… another growl that shook the little stone in its tiny spot.. and in a booming voice the boulder replied… “ Little stone! Silly little stone! I am no brute, neither am I a stupid little stone…Who gave you permission to reside below me… who are you to order me to speak!?”

And the little stone had realised it’s mistake, but only far too late, for now the boulder would not let him stay below its great shadow… The great boulder that had made the little stones life so incredible was no longer so great… it had gotten smaller and smaller… and now the little stone could not even creep below the shadow that was left below the boulder… all the dreams the boulder had given the stone were shrinking away and reality was dawning on it.

The wind…

The rain

The crashing waves

The cold nights



…and then the little stone asked the boulder why it had never noticed the little stone…and the boulder replied after a short pause…

“I was distracted by the world around me … there is a lot to see really… “

The little stone was confused, “but what about all that rain and snow, all that cold… do you not shelter? Hide away from the world?”

The boulder once again took awhile to answer…

“I was not like you little stone, I have not travelled to many places and seen many things,… I was once part of that great cliff in the distance and I too enjoyed the shelter I had… I too was afraid of the reality of the world… but in time my shelter disappeared and I fell to where I am now… I have been here a long time little stone… and seen many things… reality… I have seen reality little stone… and now you will too…

It may rain, it may snow and hail.. but for every drop of water there is also a ray of light, or a fresh breeze… for every winter there is a summer, for every fall, a spring. This is the way the world works… and now you will also realise that for every Ray of light there is also a dark shadow, for every clear day a cold night…

This is reality little stone… it will make you happy and sad…

…and the little stone let go of the earth below him….

And soon the wind blew…and the little stone moved on.


Now Boy, where are your shadows? Maybe its time to leave them behind..

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Round - Far Away - Circle

We step one foot this way and that...i can hear in my left ear... lets crack this bread head. One more go, one more try . and now my fingers are sore - thinking too much...breathing too much - Relaaaaaaax

So where is this? And what does it look like? Why exactly are we here trying to attain perfection with such a small thing? Surely i could be throwing shapes this way and that - on the face of things, on the face of these tiny metal sheets, we have lines and false promises.. this way that way, up and down...we will create the shapes you want sir, we will fill your wildest dreams with perfection.. more than mere pleasure yes? And we counted up from one, again and again, and we tried to forget the later numbers.. we would cry if the monkey was to pop up...i the world was to collide...lets now break our bread to this tune! Lets try and keep things to a minimum...minimum Numbers please minimum is maximum and where is that metal sheet now? Trapped - and i am running away from form - fuck the function...

the function is killing the true form.

the unplanned? lets not talk about that...lets just laugh at the fact that today a new form is available...its not based on numbers or on confidence...its based on opportunity outside of regulation - self appointed form - individual form - unprecedented, unregulated, unplanned form....and we kick it because we can .... we kick it for no reason but to kick it then....two seconds ago.... yes!

That was is... fuck that we don't need a result of reason.. here on the forefront of yellow parks we fringe the youth of going strong going hard going as far as going goes and from that you have grown from that you have been in the heavens of our reason in the heavens of out unreasonable reason, our lack of reason, our painful ...

stop... its not painful... thats why I'm stopping...its anything but...

these are the shapes of everyday... these are the shapes of today.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Bones of Heart - You Get Me?

Im not going to hold you back.. its hard enough for me to be honest with myself. Let's be honest here, and my clavier is missing every little bit. We are playing the bass to make your head nod forward and back in a provocative manner. Fujiya & Miyagi are changing it up in my temples as i invest my time again.

It's because i love it so is ... i promise! Dont you trust me? Don't you know? we all know, and yes im not ok. It's like losing a runway in the fog - the foggy earth - you dont sound Japanese at all and stop saying my name. Where did your name come from? i like it a lot but it is a little misleading.

I love it most when your bass and guitar (the other one that is, not the bass of the same name)..anyway i love it when they complement each other like that, you know when it sounds like a picture. One, the bass, is the frame - honest and true, keeping a rhythm and repeating over and over a reliable line. The other, the guitar, is like a line of paint, thick and shiny on a white canvas (maybe a blue or red - the sort that shines when it is thick and free) as if dripped by mistake from the can.. I'm thinking diagonal but it could be either to be honest.

Anyway yea i love it when that is the case... there is such freedom..

Ah now hold on who is that behind the tree? Is that a crazy man looking at me? In his hands the tree responds, to attack withing 10months.. maybe if we talk it out, and this rhythm is so solid we can even erect a statue in its honor.

And once again the sky it goes flat and cold. Bad news through moving speaking blocks of electronics.. lets be honest..lets not hold each other back... Im not taking a fall - Im on the verge of discomfort.. oh no.

New Site

New Site for you all to read my stuff.... this will continue to be updated as i add stuff to the new site also...however i encourage you to stick with as you number 1 place to find the most recent black box ramblings!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Whats that under my finger?

This little tank of thinking, this little home of hailstone shower curtains...

Break it!

And were falling to the sound of the rythm city beats... breaking over feet and littering the streets and the fairy liquid cleans and the fairly liquid softens the feelers. this is the going of the good this is the going of the gone, and who are you to give me a name like this, who are you to set me aside and ligt my home on fie? ho are you to call to the people of this world and declare war on the others you dont understand. What am i to do... ceiling under my above land... a white canvas to be painted the walls too...they are quite [plain...lets get workin!.....]


And who is this? of course i know this person... looking in the same direction as myself...seeing the same things..and doing the same.

Beats of the inside...ding the dong and the breaking is unforgettable.... we broke that record and put it back to gether without even the slightest of screams...without even the slightest ofr broken hearted men...

broken souls are unfixable....broken souls are the glue for every solid soul.... broken souls are unfixable because they are useless when they are fixed.

Can i have a new one? Thios one has gotten awfully expencive.....yes.....uhuh.....i have fo......yes i have four of them already.... what?...speak up i can hear you..... are you on a mo......yes......hi?....yes i can hear.....helllo?!?.....hi!....ok yes your back...ha silly where was i?, oh right yes i have four of them and they break daily .....very usefull i know, this is what i was thinking! But you see im moving to a new soul-er system and i dont need all four souils there... oh yes no ill only be selling the one but you can choo... yes you can chose which one you want..

I assure you sir that this sould is in great form....

the pain?

well the pain of my soul is found everywhere in HEAVY LITTLE DROPS...

only the best quality i assure you...


i can take visa

Saturday, September 13, 2008

In This Tank

Hello one two three... we all see one two three.... whats that? one two three...

Why do i only remember the one two three?

Why do i always remember the one two three?

In this tank we count one two three

In this universe we shout one two three...

two three

two three




not quite ure where it has gone... am i allowed to think this long...

perhaps i am a special one... im a little other "one two three etc" thinkers here.... i am alone i guess....

or maybe im just lucky this one two three time


in this tank we are one two three

one two three

one two three


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Yes, and well if you have to pick a side!

"twice in one day? Are you serious?.... i hope he had insurance!"

Than anywhere else, than any other place... yes i sat there.. no "than's" about it mister. And lots of singing, and lots of doing nothing.

I can see the walls of the box again.. sorta poking its body above the clouds... its on a good course, one that is fairly definite and unchangable. Its all going to land like a feather on a wave... just dont know where the wave is going thats the only thing

"I was born by the river, in a little tent,
and just like that river, i've been running ever since
Its been a long, a long time commin',
but i know a change gonna come, oh yes it will"
Cooke - "A change is gonna come"

A change is gonna come..even if it is Mr. Otis singing Mr. Cooke's hopes and dreams... he had a pont today, whispering through my head while i stared blankly at a pin up room. click click click....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Charged with Animal Totality

"it was just did your thing for the day...i did mine and then on a piece of grass overlooking the sea i just sat down beside you and had a sit.... and didnt say much for awhile"

I guess it works sometimes. You have to be real carefull you might find too much of what you are looking for. Sometimes we dont have to look and it finds us....yes thats what i said to you... and now you are bent double with everything holding you down.

will you hold onto that branch? dont let go now... because if you do everyone will let go too..

we will do what you do..

No! Dont be silly its not like that, you have more sense than that we know how you hold your head...we know how you love life, we know how you share everything.

Im waiting for that... you'll let go. And we will all fall.

Can i offer you some food? Up hear on your back we have everything we need, you make it possible because you wont let go. we might even have a barbeque and invite some friends...we will tell heavy secrets and do even heavier deeds... and you will feel it on your back i am sure! All this weight...but you wont budge. And then the secrets will mate and have children...and lies... and the lies will develop and grow old and graduate...and all the people you hold because you are so generous...they will cry, and their tears will wet you skin...

...and you will lose your grip - not because you want will just happen.

and everyone will fall?

And i will hold onto just one person..

and that person will be safe... and perhaps everyone else...

and i will hold on to my branch and wait for the tears.... they will come.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"All closed! You can turn it on"

I have perhaps every reason to bend time and create a paradox.. if that is what it takes. And now im fairly sure the world is ready for this rupture, and groundbreaking division of the space.

It would make complete sense my dear if the centre of the universe was within this very microwave. For its structure seems altogether universal does it not? Of course it is within you aswell. Have you not noticed? It's right there! Can't you feel it?

I assure you it is my dear, constantly grinding away at time. Creating for itself a new space, a new universe. For the centre of the universe could not be so simple as a place, no that would be ludicrous would it not my dear!?

Oh no the centre of the universe is much more than that I am sure. It is more likely to be a state of time, or perhaps an absence of space or time. Or maybe its everything except a place, it could be a dorito and a can of gone off tuna, but still, not a place.

The centre of the universe is a silly idea you see. My dear you must not be surprised when i tell you that the stuff they have been telling you at space camp is altoghether untrue. They are lying to you my dear. Through their teeth! For they know little about the centre of the universe because they are too preocupied with time and space.

Oh look there it is right there.

Didnt you see it!? Ooops its gone again.

Oh Dear

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Early in Morning, Beneath the Feet of Broken Skys

This feels nothing like it should, and now it sounds better.... these are vibrations far beyond the loss of control, these are vibrations of a future.. one out of my control, one that is set to be something. And i dont know what that is, but in these vibrations i can hear what they might sound like.. and we talk, and we mull it all over... but there is no way of knowing, they may choose one thing... they may choose another, its all how we react...its all how we move, its all how it is in the air that night.... its all about colour and response, its all about shades of blu and circus panoramas, its all about sweat and blurred vision, its all about the timing and the huge expectation, its all about the work put in and the hours spent making mistakes, its all about the times, those times, u know them, when you knw what you just pressed had changed everything.... and now you look at a thousand silhouets, and a couple thousand more behind them....the millions of blurs....and now you look at them and you want to scream, you want to shout so loud the world knows exactly what you are saying.... everything, every fool and farmer, and all the lost souls.... you want them all to hear and take notice, for you know that back then, when you didnt even notice...when you were looking so blindly at the shadows and the shards of light... when you were putting 1 and 1 together and losing the know that that was when you made the difference...and these people know too....lookling to the cetre of the universe... looking to the sun... looking to the moon....looking to what makes any sense at all....this is it now...

we've got nothing in this... and they move very slowly...across the sky, but even though they decieve us, and move faster than you can imagine... it is ourselves that move away from them...they wait for us day and night, they hang above us looking down.. taking it all in. and we simply move around and around. They dont stay where they are, not at all, for the rise and set like you and i... they need sleep too, and no their nocturnal dreams are not like our own. the days of dreaming fly by us... we are to them black as coal...we are invisible... stealing them is ....i dont

i wouldnt...then we'd have nothing to look at and nothing for me to describe in times of quiet when the wind takes a break and the clouds are less thick. one, two, three, four, five.....theatres of countless stars...stars of gold and rain

Monday, July 28, 2008

Walk - Ripples

Angels Dust

I am the tick you are the tock.
It is working as such, in this,
in that and all the rest of this
we are bound to this unison..

and the sun keeps rising,
to the buzz,
to the artificial light.
every rise like clocks
every dip like clocks

Where did we happen?
and so i scream, and so i call for the scratches
and on my arms i see all of yours
covered in it

You are understanding, am i willing?
i think i am...

There is a small part in everyone that loses the will, and in everyone the is a will to lose that small part. and you buzz me again,

i now... i now understand

In every world i roam

THis is the only thing that makes sense...

im waiting.. for more of your angel dust to fill me pockets

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swinging Uncontrollable

ha u know i will

with witherd legs

and stories

and a mind in full motion

....swinging uncontrollable

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is Architecture?

Low and smile.. no misery today, not even a hint of foundations. Something has broken the stride, out of a mist a sort of clarity , a sort of structure is starting to punch the earth

down and broken, down and broken, down and broken. a fourth. this may be brutal and this may distract. this may make all the difference. Low and smile.

And so your walking, screaming driving shouting all away from here. And so you are. And so you will continue to do. Wont break time now.

That clarity disappears, and establishes a fog, but you would know that, a fog all around the family.
And we will start again this time different but somehow the same.

Now im going to slow it down, and now im going low and smile.

The skin im in, smothered in your electronic wash, smothered in your electronic stuff

Your stuff. Thats your stuff. Your giving it to me.... even though it makes you shake.

Because you want to feel alive again, and i want to help.

Low and smile

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dreams to Sing About

I had it so close the edge was feeling lucky to still exist and in my space the things kept coming one after the other one after the next and everyone had questions everyone had answers to those questions before i could even speak, and what am i supposed to say? what am i supposed to do? Everywhere i look i see a reason to say no a reason to stop and just start again and why not? money? patience? i dont know what they have to do with it anymore, and the then we have the otherworldly feelings...the ones that do not go away, the people who make a difference and my unholy need for understanding of the them and what they mean to me.

an unholy understanding? what am i at? there is no reason to make such rediculous statements are there? for if this is the one surely this unholy-ness is irrelivant!?

if it is the one tho? what am i to think? what am i to do? the lights will tell me one thing, they will tell me to go for it, it makes sense it makes everything fit? everything will be perfect, everything will be dandy....

and then the blackness feels alone? feels unwanted? used up and pointless? after so long, you treat me like your own then you find the light and throw me away. are you sick of that false light? the one that called to you and made you "happy"? the one that you used to check out, to fix your broken things? what am i to say? who am i to understand?

I broke that a long time ago, a promise a song and those prayers

I havnt got the dreams to sing about
i havnt sang the words you scream about
whats over there but happiness and lies
and over hear is the truth that makes you cry

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Closed Again

Im inside, its dark again... im back everyone, have you missed me? Now all ihave to do is open the lid... and let the light in. Itll take awhile but the safe bet is itll happen. And the light will always return.. it wont take long this time, i can tell.

Ah well I tried..

just not right this time

Monday, June 16, 2008

Essense of a place, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France - Edit

Dropping, it fell on me.

and i saw this. i must continue

Lost Feeling Plotline

Streams of it, full on rivers, latch it on to my brain and see it go. Yum

So nothing worked, tried it all but here i am sitting on time, on a fence made out of opportunity. Take what i want. take what i will do.

Take it all.
I cant believe that happened, he just dropped it? and what a way to put it. without any consideration for anyone else, where did you put it? Do you know (Because she clearly doesnt!) oh i think she does (Because you clearly should die slowly)

Ahht here it is, deep rooted,
get that down and sink.
nod your head, and sink.
get that down and everything goes

anything wants it, you want it.In the light, you need it

Let it drop into your life, two beats, two beats.

Let that drop

Head to the second of your choices, the third. there is always another option.

let it return

different this time, you got a new face. better

inside. out on my indiscovery.

And so we all died, and so we all screamed. And the world was saved.

Yes let that drop slow down. feel it on the palms of your hands. add a little more. and were moving, slowly droping down. and were in it. All the yes's and the no's are no more. all the tell them's and dont tell them's are irrelivant. all the anger.. all the tiredness , its all for shit. Let it drop down and move. let it take over. and be happy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nobody Gets out Alive

Im at home, im breathing, im thinking, and im smilling

I was standing there with all of you. we all cheered, we all clapped.

I was singing there with all of you. we all cheered, we all clapped.

You sang and you worked, you had fun, you did it all, and will do it all again tomorrow. You stood there amongst us. You did it all.

You were once in the crowd. and now you own the crowd. u own the mob.

Respect was abundant. and the noise was fantastic.the noise was incredible. the sky was full of joy cloud, the sky was full of noise.

We sat in rooms with tables and chairs, one to every vctim. i read the words and broke my fingers. we watched our friends, we did it together in the same room with tables and chairs.

I sat on the seats and watched the same world move horizontal once again. each screen moving into the other.. the motion of the world, the music of the motion.. the motion of the movement and the rhythm of the movement in my mind./ the music in sync.. "i got brilliant timing, i got brilliant timing, i got brilliant timing."

I walked those streets and inserted the sound sticks once again. one foot infront of the weather.. i need sugar. i let the sun shine on my face... i didnt smile. i expected the worst and thought about the best.

i lay there alone in the morning din. I listened to my thoughts and refused to let reality sing. I listene to the din of the morning outside my head windows. I heard you all leave , i heard you all wake up.

i dreamnt of beautiful things and colours. i dreamnt of nothing.

i woke up

Thursday, May 8, 2008

See you there

The flowing in my ears, im losing it i think, the ability to do what i love. I should stop, i should take responsibility here.

Inside this dungeon, i am happy.
The lack of everything natural means little right now
ive spoken the words, les mots

Ive Beaten it today, and last night.

How did i do this and forget about it? That really worked
It really did and all of this really makes a difference ill have you know the piano stopped and the signs and the signs

the signs they are all there. Stop looking at me and massing with your hair,
stop turning your head and reading my words

Im tapping again..these keys my foot..

how did i do this again? Hw did i dot his and frget about it.

I should really print all this out., i should really take action. Theangle here is hurting my hand. the veins are popping

Im popping it all, the veins are flowing..and now i will write about you, about the future..i think i might make it

I think i will see you there

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

Yes this one suits...the time and the place, the tense.. the almighty tense. I think we all need to knuckledown.

I made something happy... i hope i made someone happy too

The vibrations are changing everyday.

Life is peculiar

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

It hurts inside.... its got me to the core, that i gave it so easily in the end. Lost my mind. Lost the soul of the situation, drunk with regret. Nothing ends however, and the world still calls to me.... ha the world.

Little ground certain as the sky.... as certain as the suns, the countless suns.... we create the clouds.... but it was certain then as it is now. I will never forget those stars....those flashes of lightning, lightning without thunder. Only my mind can spoil that time.... and i let it....

This is me in the picture.. why let anything spoil that.... this...this is us.

So build on that... read all you want.... the sun will go down, and shit will occur in the ground....shit will occur.... but the lights will always turn on.... the stars will always shine....even without the rythms....even without the powersource....sound is always capable....

it was just a bad beat, and the audience was just a mistake...a blip a misunderstanding.

The communications are still open....and i still smile when they do... i still let it get under my skin.... each one goes at a different time....responding to ur touch.... and my mind ripples....and my eyes look for it. each one goes at its own time.....but there is always a pattern

there is always a reason

It is never just once...but that is because of the pattern

Yet you will always remember.... the stars were shining so close to the earth

the stars

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Response to "Time" - from "The Existential Crisis and other Musings" by Mo

Holding on
have i any need to wait and see why? Its in my ears, yet even when i take the vessel away it remains in my temples
flowing across my contents
is it not there forever?

Is this even an issue, can it ever be over.

I have placed my hand upon it
clicked it into eternity
this can never be fully destroyed
its out there somewhere
we seek eternity through our actions
we want to beat this giant shadow
i click everything i have into eternity
sifting through the net
and my ears are united with the rest of the world
with the world who wants to preserve me
me and my time
me and my reason

I try to find reason at night
this black box
this home

so strong
but what else?
i would scream for this understanding
i am in silence
my temples talk to me
my mind is free

its quiet here
this is in time
this is time i cant share

in these words
in moments of noise
in it all i am cutting every wrist
this is in time

with every thought in this silence
bouncing of the sides of me black box
i am dying
and time is in this.

Time is irrelevant
because time is in this
and now that we have created time has become irrelevant.

"At once a voice arose among
The bleak twigs overhead
In a full-hearted evensong
Of joy illimited;
An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,
In blast-beruffled plume,
Had chosen thus to fling his soul
Upon the growing gloom."

Thomas Hardy "The Darkling Thrush" (Extract)

And so we sing

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

hated that mess you were giving me.... i truely did, and now look at whats left. I cant even look at you, i cant listen to you. I dont what anything to do with you. Is that what you wanted?

And where is all began the mess is now rooted..... its everywhere in no particular order....

Im not even sure what to do with just sit there looking the other direction, smile on your face, talking content.... im content too, weve both found a new pool to swim in..... yet your looking in the other direction.... and im lookin away.

And where it all began my life still revolves...... im going everywhere in no particular order.

So there you both are.... sitting.... drinking....smiling away..yet i shouldnt want to hate you... but to at least one of you i do....the other just dissapoints me....

Ah its all a big revolution, our lines cross more times than we want... and histories are written.

Revolution....yet now your looking away

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

This is a new time of existance..... for me.... for everyone because of me. May i lay my hand upon it, voice it, read it.... achieve it. Ah to achieve... i need to release all that holds me back, all the desires, the hates, the heavy stuff that one shoulod never hold for too long.

I've been holding on.

Everyone around me right now have no idea, they go about the daily purpose.... the money in their heads.... the desires in their hearts, pumping through their veins.... it embodies them. They carry their own problems....

...They have been holding on.

It seems the whole world is holding on, success is when you decide to let go, and ACTUALLY let go. But it starts in the heart... with those desires come understanding and knowledge....."its been 14 times..and thats no lie!"

Im not surprised! One should always desire to be the greatest, tyhe most knowledgable about what they are doing, about what they love...

and so these vibrations in my..... the splash in my my pool of memory...and the reverberations are endless...

Im not going to let go of this.....and if that means holding onto the painm, the desires and the hate.... so be it. Im not lettin this go..

Ive been holding on not long enough.

And so the line vibrates with every beat, every noise i have already heard, already vibrated so much the line is no longer so tight.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

My little piece... that night i was walking to walk, that night i was looking to lose myself.

Frustration, little miss, little wind blower.. my ears fell off you know that, i could barley feel my eyelids. id stop to shoot you. but you were too fast and the witnesses, they had notebooks and life nets of their own. Its a battle these days to capture you for myself, the unique! the unique is impossible when nothing is sacred..

My little piece... this time i walked for happiness.... that night i was looking for you.

What did you hope to achieve? Why did you throw so much at me? I didnt mean to create such a fuss.... nip down to the shops... couple of bags of feeling.. couple of rocks of feeling...

you sent me the feeling... it was in the life gas... the life gas was all over the walls... i shot it..... but you wont let me capture you.

i was hoping youd stay inside it for awhile..but you refused... instead you sent me your rocks of feeling...ur bags of feeling

little miss...little wind blower

Little pieces, now ive found you, putting you together is a tough task... your all over the life air....all over the feeling...

but your getting the feeling... and sleeping to my buzz calls.... your sleeping to me

little pieces

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Selling lines

Yes sniggle sniggle sniggle.... the word was created for this the beats flowign the beats flowing the beats flowing talking to the person up in the head talking to the perosn in the space to the person in the places of interest the p;aces where everything creates framed in the frames overdosing overdosing the over pull the undertoe the under steps the steped the flingd the long lungs of life inflate to pull all this in

to the beat

to the beats

the beats that create

the head is in the places

place it in the stream the sound stream place it in the flow of music place it in the sound stream hear the vibrations hear the screams and the blood flow hear the blood flow into the veins into the blood into the blood into the blood......vibrate the soul rhythm in the soul rhythm in the heart into the blood.....deep deep ppppp p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p i n t h e r h y t h m o f t h e h o u k fc ik h o i n t h e r h y t h m o f t h e n hg o u b k l o o d b l o o d b l o o d v po l i o i o i o i o i o i o i n t o i n i n i n t h e r e d r e d r e d



Get this out of me and let me be happier!

Get this out

Monday, April 7, 2008

Paris Rain Scape 2

Paris Rain Scape 2, originally uploaded by dunwho.

Im balzing that same ol' trail, soon it will be. I was in a cocoon, a vest of waves and sirens... drink and food... cold and hot...and cool...cooling insides, frozen outsides. Aic conditioned souls, warmth in the hands of menus and low beds. Messed up houses and reflections lost on concrete, roads to nowhere, darkness in a city of lights, lights in a world of darkness.. hours on the walking sticks, hours on the walking mind... broken minds...fixed minds...happy happy minds.. loved souls... admiration in actions... backstabbing... backstabbing backstabbing.... all for love... all understood... last rain of the heart.. first rain of the soul...its a cold soul... i wish it to be warmed in the future, whether in the system or in my system;;;

vibrations are required! we need to relate you and i... i know you have history, i study ur history but listen to me... and i will listen to you.. i want in on your soul, on your youth .... oon your darkness... i want your insides, and the underground. You hide it so well.... and it may be lost to your old enemies....but dont let it go.... let me in man.... we can relate..

and so my back screams...less sky tears please

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moments in a Place: Chartres

So intense.. i think i understand why now.. at least a little better than before...

Monday, March 31, 2008

I Keep Talking

Back in the hub....back in the kind box....back in..... mind control set to autopilot.... permission to take flight:granted

Permission to lose control ....GRANTED

Do we take it for granted? i forget everything, i end up sayin everything and now i am here again in the mind box, the hub the learning pool. Are we all enriching the atmosphere with the knowledge we know and taking what we want and hopefully what we need?

Keep the radar on.... its out there sumwhere.... buzing about the subconscious .... having a big ol knowledge party..

my mind is elsewhere....

buzzing about.

Yet i keep talking

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good letters make bad words

It just keeps long can one stay away from it....your little "friend". Oh it'll save your life someday u know that, itll be there when you least expect it.

But is it a leash or a lifeline!?

I just wanna be able to go places... i wanna be able to turn off, i wanna be uncontactable.... it turns on by itself you does this you does that too..... it does everything

Fuck it

This isnt my thing

Im just awake. the usual shit... the usual bumps.... the same 300 shitty words.... the same 300 shitty results.... gonna burn this fuckin city of letters....

Thats all it is anymore... thats all that is ever right, at least they can read that i guess.....letters.... fuck sake

Lets see the bright side?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mist - Loss of Sight

YOu dont really need to have your eyes open, looking in any direction its always going to be black. Im thinking the tone is the colour... the tone is lighting up the eyelids, the canvas.... im always looking at the canvas, the painting dripping down infront of me bit by bit, as if it was falling into place, only to meet its perfection and slowy drift away again.....

Its a fleeting moment, and sound allows for it to exist... you will only understand for a moment sometimes, sometimes forever, but everytime it does happen you react.... you laugh smile cry scream jump dance breathe.... stop..... its when you stop that you know youve heard something special.... i wait for the times that it makes me stop....

I catch my breath... hold my hands above my head... then comes the sigh, not of hate or disgust... its more of a release... of the bad things in my system, the unhappyness released into the void, into the mist, where bad exists.... then all those things that worry me.. all those thoughts that i cant remove, or thought i could not remove.... they are gone and i am reset....

In this moment the sound hangs above the mist... inside it the filtered noise is weak.. held back by the release of anger, hatred, badness of all kinds that thicken the mist.... eyes dialate... heavy breathing, a laugh, perhaps just a smile,... finally gone, finally here... once tears.... you realise that the mist is no longer on your eyelids.... its no longer seeping from the temples... it is in the air around you, it is physically holding back the sound.... your head is open, eyes wide in reality... reality and the imagination seem one....there is only one place in existance with both mind and body.... and you are there also....

And so the mind is empty..... the tone thickens..... the mist is burnt by the flow of the music... and the light ignites in reality and imagination.... fule is injected into the stream.... Pulse....

Pulse, pulse..pulse.....pulse.... you feel it.... like your own.... one pulse... the common pulse.

nothing is held back....sound is everywhere and the leash removed

Mmmmm gota get back there.... wheres my coat?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Homeland.. opened boxes?

The box was broken, invaded... invited in? let in to have a taste? Bass.....bass.....all bass my poor bass boxes! They took a battle on their shoulders....tho they serve the man well, the serve the listeners well, i just hope they will live for another day.

So people have been let in, the world has finally broken through and the system is now in flow.... now just to enhance the stream, enhance the system


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Vibes and Vibration Specialists

My brains are all over the splat... and so it was set up, and so i am in it now... New vibes and vibration specialists, the roads are full the paths are full, this must be the full system. No temples in swing however, the temple fluid is not in flux, not in movement. Not what the temple needs,

What the temple needs in a good supply, a good vibration technition to fix the rusted voids and the empty halls?

Wheres the JAM!? wheres the JAMMERS? what are they doing??

THe city has the flow in its blood, but that is the problem the flow is being hogged, being taken for granted..

It is lost.

It has been lost down the dark alyways, down into the depths of the underground mole-ways.... they own what is left.... the diggers... the preservers.... temples in full swing, fighting harder than anyone else, .....Better than anyone else.... this place has fighters.... hard to find ... but when you find them they are unbeatable!

I will find them...

I will take my chances

I will get on with it

Friday, February 29, 2008


Broken in the fabric, not unfixable but worth lamenting, now everyone needs to know, just like the worst breaks.... everyone finds out, and reacts....all reactions hit home and the soul is bombarded with the ram and held in place with the vice... it is never ending...

i feel unnerved..

sumthing is up the top place lose yourself feel it again , touch the void, be the moment.

just be in the yes no over theree yaping like a goo yuou become go ing ing ing hideing hideing killing killing hilling hilling joking i relally am i swear it

i need this ou it needs out we needout my mind and its parts are sick of the in timewe want more of the out moments more of the understanding moments more of the freedom moments, head dowm you knwo what is needed this is the fastest there is not another existance in my mind this thought is alone being along.....

along is alone, we are all alone in our heads at the speed i am at right now... my veins pulse the people, want out also the system wants out!

Let the system out

The rulers awake.... close your eyes

shhhhhh pretend!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Go With IT

Dont find me there, dont light that, dont open ours it wont be ready when you do i know mine wont, dont leave that to the side, dont expect that to be finished, dont expect anything at all, just be in there, get your head in there, i will fly on that, i will leave on that penny, i will.

light up light up light down that road, see it? on the corner? four bricks up beside the forgotten posters, the spent money, buy your shit, eat your shit, shit your shit, they wont shit for you i bet you should pay someone with your blood money, go on shit your shit, you payed enough of it with their money to let it go to waste.

This is dry honey, this is sweet honey, this is the honey to hold me down, and give me energy, wrapped in honey, honey for the masses honey to keep you rooted, honey in the hair, honey on the comb.

Why should we waste it on boxes? why waste it at all? Why even have it? Like before the clocks kept the time ticking over, the money wasnt keeping the world as one. the clocks are unique... the money is not.

Money is not now

its what might be and what was.... i know have IT because of money. Do you want IT? I need IT!? Dont we allllll NEED IT!?

what does it matter? The shit is still shit... the IT is still IT....

I am my own grave digger, i am my own ladder.. i am my own lightbulb, my own sun, my own

The clocks are unique... go wth it... the money is not.... the clocks are unique


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get Away From Here

Give it all you got, its all you can hope for, give it all you got.

Its what we have, its all we have.

Give it

It was going to be much harder than this but im starting to lose control of my emotions... i want so much, i dont even know if i am spoiled for choice or if im being to expectant... all i want is a result.

I feel like im in it now.. only two ways out, take the hit or run.

The hit,
I imagine the cold, hard on the back of the neck, like a wet towel. Cold water of course, there you would have the cold... however it is silent... is this the hit? Is the silence the hit? or will it be quick and then silent... a sudden HA! followed by realisation , followed by unease.... will it be?
Perhaps i need to follow through, take it down, give it no chance, come on strong, dont let anything stand in my way, it might hurt me in the doing but in the long run i may have happiness... i may have the ellusive IT.

The Run,
It will and actually is quite long, im not long distance, i know that myself, but giving up means giving in, and what i will be giving into is a lie... the question is do i need to run? I am running right now, sure why dont i just SAY IT!


I do for everyone else, why cant i take my own advice, why cant i listen to reason, why cant i NOT listen to reason?

The grades of light on my fingers right now make me think.... i cant even see some parts of them, the insides... the parts furthest from the light, the undersides.... its a slow movement, i dont know if youd even call the bright side "bright" all i know is there is a side of me im hiding... a side imafraid to give away, to let people know. Well some people.... perhas the people that matter.

Perhaps nobody needs to know

but i want them to

Im gonna dip my head now.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Close to THAT...

...time.... have to put in the boot and pull out the good stuff from the mud.... beauty from pain.

Can i find it is the question i guess..

Must not be unkind..

must not bow my head

must look into the eyes

must do whats

must do everything

must i?

i must

thats such a strong word. not like mellon. mellon is pointy at the end but flowing all the way through until that point.

in that way mellon is kinda surprising. you dont expect the point.... but it comes anyway. Its a bit of a shock really.

which is a pity

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Emma Emma EMaaaaaaaa
Ive given you everyhting everything everything everything....
EVERYTHING I HAVE! Even the JAM for January...
Some suggesitons!
In terms of more live stuff.... JAM - can watch it if you go to JAM but the mix of Born Slippy and Rez on this will make you shiver.
I gave you a few more live gigs.... three of them are recent jams from the 2000's two from one four hour gig in the JAM which are two single tracks..... i understand this might be hard for you to listen to ....but if i was to get you to do anything itd be to listen to these as much as possible....a masterclass in mixing the songs together!


if you wanna see why....just fast forward bout 1hour into it on your ipod or comp or whatever.... and you will hear some random crazyness.....


there is another live gig from Australia in 2000 very abstract sound still had JAM bfore he left and i think its the same tour as JAM JAM, there are maybe 3 big songs on there and the rest are crazy jams worth listening to.

You have the Best Of disks 1 and 2... on there is a version of IT that is the most popular and blows your socks off at the start of the JAM, but its only on this album.. so cherish it.

JAM With JAM....the newest album.... This is one of their best... when you have blasted your ears with so much hard house four to the floor madness listen to this album....its perfect.... nothing is amiss... the sounds are insane, at parts its beautiful at others its madness.... but its like a come down of giant proportions

A Hundred JAMS Off - First without without without was out bout 2002..... some great sounds.... an absolute epic tune in 2 JAMS Off!!! and some real new sounds they hadnt tried before



you can listen to this album from start to finish and love every song.... its up there with JAM JAM JIMMINY JAM but others wont agree..... but if you like JAM will love this... JAMMER says it all at the end.... this album has balls


Second JAMMIEST In the JAR -


Shit sorry i will have to give you this later Elaine has my copy so i couldnt burn it for you! But when you do get it..... you will truely discover what it means to convey an single emotion in one ALbum..... you dont know what a drum beat is till you hear this album...not incredible all the way through but still fucking amazing

JAM JAM JIMMINY JAM- They could have stopped with this.... their first album possibly the greatest Dance album of the 90's and im not just saying that.... look at any poll any review!...its up there..... this album is timeless, it is art in every way.... you will know the songs off this.... but MMM JAM is pure genious.... this is Acid House at its most pure.... before anything was there to corrupt it... this album is what you need to base JAM on!



just a taster.... if you like this its an example of the Art
As well as all the shit i just gave you there is little bits here and there...little mixes..... hope you enjoy....
I know im an absolute off my tits fanatic.....but i dont care. it makes me feel fucking AMAAAAAAAAAZING!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Up Beat Down Beat

ok there is happiness here,... a sort of sadness that is only achieved through happiness.

i shoould probably have acted by now, but the pain is not only in my legs its in my playing it way too cool.... i dont know if this coolness is really just worry.... a lack of understanding and match fitness.... thats why the legs and the head is sore.... the best way to remove the pain?

Push the pain around!

i will do that


Doing it

Monday, January 28, 2008

Whats in Line for Mr... when all is going off the rails?

If the setting was right...
...I would have it on my right arm.. pumping.. below the cloth.. and around it i would place the most important things... those things that i would not share with the common man... those things which mean that bit more, and can exist in only my existance and perhaps two others.... connected by need rather than want.

And in my temples...
...the world will spill out the essence of thought... rippling with rhythm and pulsing with sounds natural to the core... fluid... circling everything....holding it.... the very last, until everything becomes disconnected... with a splash the last will fall from the everything and sound will be distorted. I will dip it back in however...cus that pleases people.

And in my muscle....
... my blood will be my most important asset.. for I am it and it is me... i do not need to jusify my bloods existence as much as it is what i need... and o my muscle will suck at it and spit it out with a lust and a punishing force....and my limbs will lungs will brain will think.... my eyes... my fingers.... my intensions will become reality.... and my heart will sing on.... and i will sing on.....

I will not let fear...
..... be the judge of my actions but the white lines dividing the road up... the road... it will wind towards the darkness.... and rise into the brightness... sometimes so dark i cannot see and so bright i cannot even look... it is in those moments i will feel it most. and then i will be afraid.... and then what results will be remembered, and will be of such brilliance that my body will never feel such things mind will never think like this again. And my heart will be still.

When it is all over...
...and my fingers are happy with their new of colour in darkness... light where white was.... when that happens, if it ever happens... i will change it all......because that was of a then that was always to be born in a present past. It can never travel with my inner existance..... that is when it will all be over, and why it will never be over.. until i am over, but that is the work of existence. Our lives are the work of existence

Knowing its all....
.... going to rise over the line of life in the end.....keeps me smiling.... roof tops hold onto the black as birds fly down from the light height, the light report to the earth of your coming....though we all know its going to happen....for if it doesnt we will never understand..... and we will pass in our ignorence... but that wont happen.....cus we are on a course set out by the events of the past... something we are never meant to understand anyway.... just smile because its going to happen. It will happen.

A Main Line

thought i had a grip on this, its inconsistant however, uncontrollable, i hav to sit it out in a constant struggle for understanding and whatever else? But wha if there were two or three, what then? I havnt the strings for that. Whatwas it you said to me when i hit you in the side? I havnt got that with me can i check the back and get back to you? I'll look in the drawer or do you think its somewhere else? I wouldnt know the answer to that quesiton but my fellow human being may be able to help if you, i can put you through to his/her department of existence and perhaps in a light year or so his/her assistant might be able to squeeze you into a busy schedule? But quesitons are more of an answer when it matters little what needs to be said but what needs to be done. The rhythm in my ear suggests an unsteady path through one direction however with many ups and downs....bleeps.... even the slowest minds needs it, even the slowest...Think it.. then do it.Do it then ?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dashboard Reasoning reckons i had no other chance at anything....

A topic on my brain.... what is right.... what is needed however?


Its exactly what runs through your mind when you realize the stupidity of it all...

You know i wanted to, I'm sure you could sense it, instead i had to stop the car...

Wasn't the time, was it even possible? Dashboard reasoning reckons i had no other chance at anything.... but last night i realised people care.. people think of you who you'd never thought would in the first place even if they don't realise what they are doing in the first place truth is always floating through the air, tipping you on your shoulder, telling you a musky alcoholic air... a truthful air none the less.

None the less.

Am i less for it? Have i sucker punched the face of it? am i now running down that same ol' path.... I'm far too picky for a beggar and far to poor for such expensive things.

I know i want the white wings and flash...... but is it what i need? Do i need the artistic screen watcher with an opinion.... or the air dweller from everyplace but home? Or do i need the truth of it all? The one who thinks of me

Or do i need something completely different, the stair dweller... the one who stops you in your tracks...when all is out the window and the night is up... the second chance, the last ditch effort... the last push for the line? Is that what i need? If it is it doesn't come as easy as the rest, that requires effort.... however will it be worth it?

I believe, yes i believe in one of them, that part of my soul is trying to make a fool out of me however.

Play that horn

Sing it low and with feeling

Is it all out the window.... i could go back there and look and look....

Is it all out the window?

I will continue to wash the light and release nearly all of it to the universe.. and someday my soul will let me know... it'll release the secret.