Thursday, July 31, 2008

Early in Morning, Beneath the Feet of Broken Skys

This feels nothing like it should, and now it sounds better.... these are vibrations far beyond the loss of control, these are vibrations of a future.. one out of my control, one that is set to be something. And i dont know what that is, but in these vibrations i can hear what they might sound like.. and we talk, and we mull it all over... but there is no way of knowing, they may choose one thing... they may choose another, its all how we react...its all how we move, its all how it is in the air that night.... its all about colour and response, its all about shades of blu and circus panoramas, its all about sweat and blurred vision, its all about the timing and the huge expectation, its all about the work put in and the hours spent making mistakes, its all about the times, those times, u know them, when you knw what you just pressed had changed everything.... and now you look at a thousand silhouets, and a couple thousand more behind them....the millions of blurs....and now you look at them and you want to scream, you want to shout so loud the world knows exactly what you are saying.... everything, every fool and farmer, and all the lost souls.... you want them all to hear and take notice, for you know that back then, when you didnt even notice...when you were looking so blindly at the shadows and the shards of light... when you were putting 1 and 1 together and losing the know that that was when you made the difference...and these people know too....lookling to the cetre of the universe... looking to the sun... looking to the moon....looking to what makes any sense at all....this is it now...

we've got nothing in this... and they move very slowly...across the sky, but even though they decieve us, and move faster than you can imagine... it is ourselves that move away from them...they wait for us day and night, they hang above us looking down.. taking it all in. and we simply move around and around. They dont stay where they are, not at all, for the rise and set like you and i... they need sleep too, and no their nocturnal dreams are not like our own. the days of dreaming fly by us... we are to them black as coal...we are invisible... stealing them is ....i dont

i wouldnt...then we'd have nothing to look at and nothing for me to describe in times of quiet when the wind takes a break and the clouds are less thick. one, two, three, four, five.....theatres of countless stars...stars of gold and rain

Monday, July 28, 2008

Walk - Ripples

Angels Dust

I am the tick you are the tock.
It is working as such, in this,
in that and all the rest of this
we are bound to this unison..

and the sun keeps rising,
to the buzz,
to the artificial light.
every rise like clocks
every dip like clocks

Where did we happen?
and so i scream, and so i call for the scratches
and on my arms i see all of yours
covered in it

You are understanding, am i willing?
i think i am...

There is a small part in everyone that loses the will, and in everyone the is a will to lose that small part. and you buzz me again,

i now... i now understand

In every world i roam

THis is the only thing that makes sense...

im waiting.. for more of your angel dust to fill me pockets

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swinging Uncontrollable

ha u know i will

with witherd legs

and stories

and a mind in full motion

....swinging uncontrollable

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is Architecture?

Low and smile.. no misery today, not even a hint of foundations. Something has broken the stride, out of a mist a sort of clarity , a sort of structure is starting to punch the earth

down and broken, down and broken, down and broken. a fourth. this may be brutal and this may distract. this may make all the difference. Low and smile.

And so your walking, screaming driving shouting all away from here. And so you are. And so you will continue to do. Wont break time now.

That clarity disappears, and establishes a fog, but you would know that, a fog all around the family.
And we will start again this time different but somehow the same.

Now im going to slow it down, and now im going low and smile.

The skin im in, smothered in your electronic wash, smothered in your electronic stuff

Your stuff. Thats your stuff. Your giving it to me.... even though it makes you shake.

Because you want to feel alive again, and i want to help.

Low and smile

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dreams to Sing About

I had it so close the edge was feeling lucky to still exist and in my space the things kept coming one after the other one after the next and everyone had questions everyone had answers to those questions before i could even speak, and what am i supposed to say? what am i supposed to do? Everywhere i look i see a reason to say no a reason to stop and just start again and why not? money? patience? i dont know what they have to do with it anymore, and the then we have the otherworldly feelings...the ones that do not go away, the people who make a difference and my unholy need for understanding of the them and what they mean to me.

an unholy understanding? what am i at? there is no reason to make such rediculous statements are there? for if this is the one surely this unholy-ness is irrelivant!?

if it is the one tho? what am i to think? what am i to do? the lights will tell me one thing, they will tell me to go for it, it makes sense it makes everything fit? everything will be perfect, everything will be dandy....

and then the blackness feels alone? feels unwanted? used up and pointless? after so long, you treat me like your own then you find the light and throw me away. are you sick of that false light? the one that called to you and made you "happy"? the one that you used to check out, to fix your broken things? what am i to say? who am i to understand?

I broke that a long time ago, a promise a song and those prayers

I havnt got the dreams to sing about
i havnt sang the words you scream about
whats over there but happiness and lies
and over hear is the truth that makes you cry