Monday, December 31, 2007

Were All Theory and No Action

What is the action? Is there a reason for it....

With total loss.... after total loss...what is the appropriate action? Do we look for condolence? Do we seek it in ourselves? do we forget about it...

I cant imagine how you feel

I am all theory....and no action

I was always no action....and all theory.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dance Movement 8

Dance Movement 8, originally uploaded by dunwho.

I'm on a different track now, im past the worst of it, am i in the fire tho? What is the FIRE really? It might just be aie, a way of tricking us into thinking we are too tired.

Maybe i am too tired, like i say to my friends, i might be on the edge of a new reality. Tiredness is just part of the package, part of the show. But if i jump, if i
choose to be part of this new reality, this new option, what will happen to reality....yes thats it the one you know so well "REALITY".

If i jump, i am in freefall, i may fall for weeks or for years, but i will fall and i dont know if i will land on my feet, if i will land with a job or a qualification, with a purpose in life or just simply a collection of material worthlessness. What am i to believe in? If i jump i will be free happy but uncertain. If i stay on level ground, if i sleep tonight, if i embrace other interests, careers, if i am what some might call "CLEVER" i wont have to worry about landing on my feet because i would have never jumped.

But if i dont.... will i want to when i can? I feel like i have been buying air bags for years... practicing the technique so that when it came to this situation i wouldnt have to worry about the fall....the fall would be the experience and landing on my feet would never be in question in the first place.

And now i am in free fall, this is what i am talking about, this is the reality that i want to be in. No thought excuses.... just movement.......irresponsible, free, high, without reason, but without reason for hurt nobody but yourself if you hurt yourself at all.... you push yourself as far as possible to express that which you love most.... expression ..... that is what we all need. before me these letters make a isnt predetermined but i know where i am going...well most of the time. It doesnt matter if we are all matter, whos to matter when we are all done. Whistling in my ear the music is always welcome...screaming in my eyethe pictures and photos will always appear... bubling at my hands the creative process is a neccesity. I dont feel as if i am going to lose it, or that i will become the suit wearing boring one of a kind utalitarian freak of not freakness.... who am i sort of faceless nobody in a world of nobodies......

i know i wont be whatever that is.... i know i wont..

But if i dont do this now...will i be able to later.... should a wait a little or a while...shouyld i wait at all? Have i already jumped? and are these the questions of a falling man.?

Am i falling?

if so

where is the ground?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Circular Moon, Circular Sun

Circular Moon, Circular Sun - David Donoghue

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Where is the sun? Where is the moon?

My eyes are the sight is the light.

Sometimes i wonder wat i am doing..... why i am doing anything at all....... the world makes more sense with nothing in it....we should be nothing..

No regulations..... and we shall breath free

Circular Moon....Circular Sun.....we are one.......we are one

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sometimes it happens

.... its a noise which makes you relax your head a bit.... you let your eyes decide where to look....but you never watch. The noise is ordered so that brain function is now free.. the song has started the mind has ended. Your emotions are been governed by the noises.. the piano...the drums... the voices. You have no control but you smile about it.. because for three minutes you have no worries, no cares... nothing. This is your moment to forget the sadness... the obligations... the mistakes.. the good and the bad things you have forgetten and remembered. This is your time to throw that all away and be free.. for just this song.

Its worry that brings us back... cause no song is that long.. man on the train looks at me funny, i dont mind, he can only look, words make no sense when the music is playing.

Its dying now tho, and my eyes come home, i blink and its over. the music changes the mind re-adjusts... and i am worried again, press the button. Start again.. forget again

Monday, November 26, 2007

So when i sat down today..

.. the world seemed to have a written script. I would read it, learn it off.... follow the rules.

It all seemed so simple.... so rehearsed.... that's Allllll i had to do.

But life is never that simple and worser and worser harder and harder, longer and longer, did my day get.

I didnt do what was written... what i needed to do. I fucked around. And now i have reaped the benifits, but later i will feel the repurcusions!

Life is never that simple... all i want to do is fall into the beat, forget the problem and embrace the solution. The solution is simple its just not easy

Thats why this never worked.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lightbulb Boating Through the Mental Network

The black doesnt hurt my eyes
Its brighter outside the screen...

it must be sucking the light in.
slowly inside..

my eyes do that sometimes, until there is only darkness around me and i have visions. I think my eyes wash the light, clean it, make it sparkly again. Because when that happens i open my eyes and the light is far stronger and my head is way clearer. Then the light gets dirtier and dirtier... and my head gets messier and messier.. and i dont know where to direct my thoughts... so i type here...where the light is not so strong...where the light is being sucked away for cleaning... where my eyes suck the light and i remove all the light from the world once more.

inside my head the light aranges my thoughts into wonderful things.. and sometimes when it leaves and fills the world some light remains and reminds me of them.. dinosaurs.. hapiness. sadness.. everyhting

its all wonderfull


It just needs a bit of cleaning

Monday, November 5, 2007

What is the Something

In my ear there is something old, at my fingers something current, on my mind something consistantly painful yet knowingly hopeful.. today however my money gave me something in first of firsts, back to the in essence, the groove of grooving, the ridges of written word... i understand my progress..this old noise is now replaced but in a sense it is far superior to my "better" self.. who am i to say that this is not as advanced...not as well practiced....not as brilliant.

Yet i get no attention anyway.. i may aswell be talking to oblivion...hello again... ... how true it is...


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

neewollaH yppaH

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why my night will never end...

As i dip my head into the waves.. i close my ears and trp it inside.. It rumbles between my eyes, explodes in my temple. I worship the temple music, this is my calling.. the new, echoes the old, it sings the old.. burns fresh! I want these euphoric smiles, bright lines in my vision. Cans of destructive fuel, energy to the mental movements and connection. Zap the connections. Zap the Temple, i love the temple, the temple is the hinge my mind moves about. Upside down my mind moves about, upside down, my mind moves about upside round. It faces me, i can see what im hearing, i cannot hear hear what i need to see tho, want and need, i want complete disconnection of my own creaiton, i want body free... the rumbling is greater now... im becoming the sound... every rhythm is coalated with my blood. Great vistas of movement rush hour traffic in the sanguis network, faster faster, pumped my the industrial quarter, the workers of the world.. pumping the nation, pumping my body. The workers are listening, they always listen, they understand, they want to respond and act accordingly. The city heats up, seeping with waste, hot, packed, locked down, mixed, confused, irrational, busy, busy, busy.. then clarity.



the BODY is one

The Workers lock in... the mind is in control. The Temple is in full swing. And im looking at the city, at myself. veins on the surface, scratching to blow out, aching to explode.. nowhere to go.... only to move is the answer


The city is in full swing.. one purpose, one ideal, everybody wants one thing, everybody needs thing is the next... the body, the city hums with excitement. The pounding of the heart... inside it wants to blow out of my chest, if only to see what it is creating.

The eyes do that

through slits i realise i am not alone. This city is alight.... and so are the others. The world is alight! The world is on FIRE!

The flames are pounding the air... up to the air... controled. the slits are circles now... the mind is amazed .... the body feels the bass... sees the bass... feels the bass....sees the treble... sees the colours... sees the cities... sees the flames... creates the flames... feels the flames.... no burn but....feels the flames. This is the glass eye. and now there is nothing left to do.

The blood no longer needs to pump.... my body is in auto pilot. the world is in autopilot... i smile... i cry. tears mix with sweat.

there is nothing left to do... because this is the bodies home.. the mind is happy with the heart.. the temple never loses its grip.. the mind spins...full unbroken circles...the drum is gone but the bass remains.... the eyes give in.... the lungs dig for air...and scrape the unburned fragments, the workers respond and i am away again. The city roars to move... the cogs clank and power on...

Here it goes..

Arms to the sky....

Eyes to the mind

Temple in control

listen to the temple

Temple in control...

sing the temple sing the song... let your happiness be known to the world,

and the world responds...

let your joy be known to the world

and the world reponds

and i open my eyes

for there is nothing more beautiful than the return of the drum

BANG! heave BANG! heave BANG! Screaming BANG! Heave mother fuckin happyland... this is loveland, pureland, insideland, outsideland, warland, peaceland, crazyland, madland, damland, dreamland, dreamland

am i dreaming?

is this a dream?

I am in a cathedral, (this is a view from a train) behind me king kong, before me T-Rex, not happy. (Its saint georges day im in the sun at the back of the shops) raptors attack the people and kills...thankfully stuck out the back now, behind the doors.

Fuck this is familiar...

ive been here

Ontop of the box....onto it i go.. take no chances with the familiar oh no! t-rex is sedated but i know not for long...for soon i will be surrounded by the world... everyone will be hear to look at their killers... i know this....ive been here.


Im running now.. along the path from the cathedral (its gothic) there is a cliff to my right and the road runs upwards a ways... it looks long but nothing takes long in a at the old lady (i have run with you before, i have ran past you.. you were going to die) hello i say... hello...we must run.... bring your dog or you will die... ... i look back ...nobody is running (yet) this is when they run... oh here it comes... i know ....because ive been here before.

We run and i look back....its frantic now....everyone is heart is pounding... they are all around me, and the lady is following the dog too...good dog! the path runs at a right angle....nice country lane, peacefull id say in the summer, a nice place for a lady to walk her dog... a bad place to be eaten by a dinosaur, (tho is there a good place..) im still running by the way, i run into old friends.. one is helpfull ( i ask him how he is, sure whatelse would you ask an old friend??) he is running too (clever boy) he knows of a escape, but it must be pulled aside and broken...he tells me to break jump...I KNOW I MUST JUMP! JUMP THROUGH IT DAVE!



my eyes open

Euphoria is around... the noise...the sound... it is sound... it is my temple....

This is my body before me....i am before me... i have broken through myself.. through my mind... i have come off the temple off the hinges.. now i am free... now i am the colours i am the bass i am the treble i am the rhyth...boy boy boy boy boy who are you i am in the sound i am in the noise i am flowing... moving pulsing.... the blood is in aw... the workers are at a standstill .... it is the holiday they earned for they have reached the tropical paradise of man..


paradise is in the music.

music is in paradise




Should i ever close my eyes, this world will disappear and then i do it all again! But why cant i stay.. pressing the fader... why should i leave?....turning the nob.. do i have a choice?.... eyeing up the button.... who has the choice?.... finger to the button.... maybe i want to return....... the mind knows what to do... press the button! PRESS the button! PRESS THE BUTTON!

he presses the button...


in the time it takes for the temple to reattach itself to my mind, the world stops, the music stops... the flames are like plastic unmoving replicas of real flames, everyone stops...i have stopped. .. . ... the hing clicks on


!"£$!!$"£^$%*&^%(*&^(&!£%$¬%£!%"^&£%*&$(%)(&(&^U%$!$£"%!$£^%*&&$*&^£%"^!$£%!£$^%"^+*&&^(*&%()(*^)__)(_+LO>?{P?:LKJMYUMUHNBW%T"%TQREFGRT%"%Y^GERG%$^$"^$£!T£!$%^$£R$£"!RT"£RTI CAN FEEL THE BASS!£$TR"!%RYU£&$JNYEUJI$^&(%*£U"%YT%$RT"EY%%$&$%Y TIN MY FINGERS£"$%"£G$%£"$% NOW MY HANDS£"$%!$£"%!£"$%"! ARMS !£%$£!^%£$%$!£%!"$"!$£ BODY¬$"$"¬$"$ HEART!$%£%£%"^£"^%&$ HEAD $%"%"£$% MIND $£%$£%!£$% SOUL "$%"$£%£"%EYES

The city is moving

the city has woken from the lunch break.. blood says hello to veins. "hello"...the vein doesn't reply because it is simple a vein and not a blood cell! they all hop into line and the workers start it up one two three four one two three four one two three four one two three four 4/4 4/4 /4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 i am the rhythm of the body, the heart is my drum and we will move as one

i am the rhythm of the body the heart is my drum and we will move as one

Move as one...

We will move as one


Friday, October 5, 2007

Starting Again

I cant Sleep i cant sit still i cant decide why or what I'm writing. I'm on what you call a buzz .... i get this a lot in fact i think i am a buzz .... electrical current constant flowing complete unfinished because there is no end from which a beginning it can finish... the buzz is bollocks my mind is toast the music is my mind when the music stops i sleep but the music doesn't know how to stop . Somebody somewhere is listening, tapping, flicking banging, bang bang bang bang 4/4 time constant continuous erratic strange possessive. I just really wanna be there constantly in the flow in the movement creating the bangs creating the reason to tap. i wanna make people cry with happiness, scream with happiness, be happiness. i want to be the one to make them fall over and puke with exhaustion i want to drench them in bass filled darkness and bathe them in euphoric light. i want to see the whites of their eyes reflect the colours of music. i want to press that button i want to push that fader i want to be there.... i need to be there. i need it.. i want is music... its sleep... its content, it will never be content, i will never be content when i am content i will sleep.. when i sleep it will all be over...when i wake up i will start again.

start again

i will wake up and start again



Sunday, September 9, 2007

As We Look Into The Sun

I wait for it to come to me, I don't want to but i expect it.. like an inevitable event that must happen because it is natural. I tried the other night, surrounded by friends, surrounded by music, by drink, fun, excitement, anger,evil thoughts happy thoughts, lust, envy and hope I tried but to force it seemed wrong, even if to others it is natural i just want to know you. I want to be able to get to THAT point when you know when i know when the whole fucking Universe knows Then the Universe can lay back into it, i can get used to it, we can enjoy it, and all is good Hope is home Lust is gone Happiness is surrendered to Bliss and the animal is asleep The zoo keeper has gone home, there is no longer disruption from his guests silence is the gift of patience, patience is truly costly worth it let it flow some day it will be over, and the animals will awake, the keeper returns, lust springs up from a hole in my heart, i will deny it i will deny that even and i will be sitting in a bar, surrounded by friends, surrounded by music, by happiness, by lust, by drink and drunkenness, by ups and downs, by envy and i will try again and i will find myself sitting here writing to oblivion hello oblivion I know how you must feel, for i feel empty too, i feel it deep within, screaming at me with nothingness. the roads have no cars, the tracks have no trains, the sky has no birds, the trees have no leaves, the grass no green, the dirt no roots, the roots no food, the food no minerals, and all because the sun doesnt shine in oblivion. We create oblivion, we create its friends, we need to create this, but why and where and why not? We deny sunlight....we create Oblivion. As we look into the Sun, we burn a mental image that will haunt us in our future darkness. We need to prevent this.. oblivion lacks hope.... as we look into the sun remember its hope hope destroys oblivion, hope creates leaves on trees, cars on roads and green on grass as we look into the sun we look into full . I wait for love, i got someone on my mind, i wish i had that, i wish she mae me wait, i have time, i hate it! When the band comes in....when the beat drops and the head explodes with light, my eyes drift into this oblivion, and it is this time and only this time that the light, the light of the sun is removed from my mind, because i am the sun and creation is in the music, movement is in the body and my eyelids hold the map to enlightenment. I follow it with every beat, the thumping drum is a call to the source, where music is spewed out raw, regardless of timing or volume, music is elemental. A string. A gust of wind, a tap... This bollox that i talk is simply to fill up the requirement.....i am eager to revisit the land of false reality and unquestionable truth! Music - As i look into the Sun

Friday, September 7, 2007

Long Messy Thins


Shit man , you look away for two seconds, the world takes a gian leap in your direction and all fuckin hell breaks loose! I did that today, well the last few days and ever snce i've been living with the problems that have arisen. At work, at home, wih my head.

Of course it's all good in the long run, and if i think about it at the moment things arn't so much bad as... irritating. Everything is irritating me because the answer to all my problems are so simple yet i cannot for the life of me live up to them.

Its like how i see the current world crisis.. the environment and how we should answer our planets call or mercy. The government is asking for money, the agencies are asking for action against our governments lack of interest, our celebrities are asking for attention all the while our planet is asking for a little cop on.

here is the gist of it

Car no.....Bike yes!
Giant benefit Gigs no........ Internet advertising yes!
New nuclear power plant no...... solar power yes

alllll the energy we use for advertising for manufacturing of needless stuff like fancy childrens toys, for packaging..... do we really need to work when it is dark? Do we really need to have a car?

im sure there are reasons against.... but i dont anyway

i dont intend to either

i dont need that in my life

the future doesnt either

Music off

heads asleep

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures 2007

Isnt it amazing how somebody so disconnected from you becomes connected.....and suddenly you are worldwide...

Without ever realising it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

As I sit here on my front room floor i realise that no matter how many times i click "remember me" when i sign in, this computer will not remember me! Why should i complain? Why should i even care? The things that i need to care about right now, the thing i feel like i should care about are written in books, recorded onto cds and sitting in their homes. Three things. Three important things.

Important, i know what isnt, the amount of time i spend wasting on crap like a computer or in front of a television. Television is quite cliché-d i feel. I really dont see how a TV is going to waste my time, the computer has quite clearly taken it over. In fact even as i write this, with my legs propped up in front of me, my ass planted on the floor and my arms reaching endlessly to the laptop neath my legs..... (i look like a monkey i know)

... this computer has literally taken over my television. Technology huh! Crazy little thing..... my parents are dazzled by its capability.... or should i say our capabilities? For isnt technology our creation, the fruit of our intelligence. If so we are slaves to our intelligence, waste, intelligence, waste, waste,waste....

There is a lot of good, but a fuck load of bad.

Lets play computer!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Finding New Things

Im sitting here while my computer takes over.... the music is playing and i can see beautiful colours tho my computer screen is free.... the computer has surely taken over!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Phoenix Park - Boy

Phoenix Park - Boy, originally uploaded by dunwho.

So, I was out with a few friends today, taking a few pictures.

The main aim was to catch a triathlon race tho in reality its setting was far more interesting. It seems that the last two days, my "weekend" during the week have brought to me, at long last, a true summer. At a time when nearly all of my friends had gone away and i am boger down with my job, the summer has finally come!!!!

The endless fields of long grass... the happiness... its so relaxing. Like the music im listening too all the time.

Very few things are missing at the moment it has to be said... the thing on the horizon are both most daunting and most needed..

I long for the future but want to hide in the past, thank god for long grass

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Its August Foyst!

Nearly crazy how things start.... like my summer. In a lyric it exploded, quite clear in my head i was certain i heard it..... we all talkin shit then abandoning ship.

Bustain my ear, i clerly bought "The Coming" for just this reason. The 1996 album from Mr. Rhymes wasnt exactly on my shopping list that day, but to be honest nothing ever is when i enter a music store (everythings a possibility).. so if there is a reason for everything the reason for this album was so that, upon returning from an almighty gathering of great friends on the first nice day of the summer, i would be sitting here at 3.20-something listening to this.

The lyrics made it quite clear... Here on August 1st ... i heard it, and what do you know!?!?! August first!

There is meaning in all of this, and i am endlessly lookingfor it.

Someone might want to presume that my love for music, my obsession nearly is unhealthy/stupid/needless/waste/ridiculous...OUTRAGEOUS! I would challenge that, nothng gets in my far in my life everything ive heard has made sense or at least hinted at it. I hearing everything for a was made for a reason,.. my mind can never be fulfilled.. there is space for everthing around me...everything that wants to be heard... my hands reap the benefits and then hopefully music is recycled and recreated in beautiful colourful rythm rhyme and happiness.

I will never forget it, always miss it, and constantly want it.

Music - August Foyst

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Beginings

Ok, i have 9 mins and 35 seconds, the exact time it takes to listen to Talkatif by The Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra.... nice music.
So the begginings of a blog. My means of writing this is in my fingers but i gotta tell ya my brain is elsewhere. School tomorrow, time restrictions, glorious time restrictions, the way in which i work. I create my best stuff under pressure,i feel i may need school to create that pressure but the fact remains i have to get up and do it.
Dont you just hate that? I mean we all hate it in some way or another but it has to be done! Its something we must do and well for some of us its the most enjoyable time of the day. If you go home after school and find yourself chewing at the gunk that is your brain, and ripping out your hair because you know you must study but you just cant, then school is definitly the best part of the day. You know what needs to be done for every class you have, the class itself is restricted and confined to a specific time frame in which you know you are going to do or learn something new. It is certainly refreshing to know that you will come out the other end of the tunnel that is school with something new under your belt or at least something you already knew further engrained into the chalkboard of your mind. Its when we go home, sitting idle at a blank page; the homework finished; the words learned off; everything ready for the next day ............................................
...... So why should i study now!? Why should i fuckin study?
But dear lord do we WANT to study! It is the strangest most irritating feeling in the world, the one we all get when we fail to achieve what we want, simply because there is no urgency in our mind to achieve it in the first place. You keep telling yourself "Why should i learn this again!?" you know full well why, you know what for and you know exactly when you need to know it by. Just wont do it!

And thats the end of the song! Night all, and happy studying.. if you get around to it that is.

The importance of Being Hairy

Hair is an important thing
So at some point i had to cut it.... it was gettin a bit wild. I had not but said two words to the big guy (Frankie that is, My Dean)had he suggested that i take maybe a couple of inches form the orderly mop i had oozing from my scalp.
The thought of it wasnt horrible, i mean i wasnt hung over the fact that i would have to cut it all day long; writing notes of longing into my homework journal and drawing pictures that say "Dave loves his hair"......... no im not obsessed, im just sentimental.
For my hair is kinda like a constant at the moment.....
I nearly choked on it the other day! Note for the long haired!!!!! Never run while hair is flailing aimlessly infront of your open mouth, upon breathing in deeply one might swallow said hair and suffer quite a horrible death, luckily i survived to live another day but the memory remains.
And i miss those memories now.
"Well, Its not like it wont grow back!". I really hate that line! When your mother is brandishing a sharp impliment to your head and chewing away at a clump of hair to no avail, you try not to freak out!!. I asked her, "So have you got any idea what your doing?"......silence and a muffled giggle quickly followed and she struggled to squeeze out a painful "!" between gritted teeth, holding back the fits of laughter... "when you have seen it done a thousand times like i have you learn a thing or t....." a sudden silence..................................
"something wrong?" i ask hessitently
"'ll just take more off this side......." more silence....."you wanted it short.....didnt you darling?"
Like i said hair is an important thing.......

Ah well,
s'pose it'll grow back eventualy!

A Blessing

This is a poem which i stumbled upon while studying this morning....... i really liked it, kinda cool. Its by James Wright.

A BlessingJust off the Highway to Rochester, Minnesota

Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass.
And the eyes of those two Indian ponies
Darken with kindness.
They have come gladly out of the willows
To welcome my friend and me.
We step over the barbed wire into the pasture
Where they have been grazing all day, alone.
They ripple tensely, they can hardly contain their happiness
That we have come.
They bow shyly as wet swans. They love each other.
There is no loneliness like theirs.
At home once more,
They begin munching the young tufts of spring in the darkness.
I would like to hold the slenderer one in my arms,
For she has walked over to me
And nuzzled my left hand.
She is black and white,
Her mane falls wild on her forehead,
And the light breeze moves me to caress her long ear
That is delicate as the skin over a girl's wrist.
Suddenly I realize
That if I stepped out of my body I would break

Im a bit Curious it has To Be Said

Just a word before i begin.... the title has nothing got to do with this splurge of randomness.. but perhaps the fact that you are reading this is a testement to the statement that is the title of this blog. No?

So anyway i am trying to figure out just what exactly i am doing here. Someday maybe i will write something worth reading, but for now i am resigned to this little homely corner of cyberspace provided to me by the good people at Myspace. I hjave bought a door mat, a traditional "WELCOME" greets me evertime i step through the door of this multi story loft appartment. My tunes are on the stereo....... i have the best of my friends on speed dial and the rest of them are easily accessed through my phone book...... the famous people i look up to are chillun just a few clicks away, and there is always a random psycho near by to entertain you with random posts.

Then there are the neighbours. They arent the neighbours from hell however, oh no quite the oposite! These neighbours are so nice they even offer you the option of blocking them if they piss you off..... did i mention my pictures are on the wall? These pictures tho are a bit self centered i will admit...... what need is a make-over.

TODAYS LETTERS BOYS.................------ B
B for Boy
before i go on i must apologise for my shortness


Time To Make An Addition


lordy lordy....

eh yea why not?

Bonjour! Comment vas tu? Moi? Bien merci, Je m'appelle David Donoghue, mon sobriquet est Dave, Je prefere Dave!
J'ai 18 ans, j'aurai 19 ans a 12 aout. Je suis nè a mile neuf cent quatre-vignt sept à Dublin. J'habite à -------- un banlieu du Dublin.
Il y a cinq dans ma famille, ma soeur, mon Frere mes parents et moi!Ma soeur s'appelle Eleanor, elle etudie Geographie a l'universitie et elle habite a l'universitie aussi! Elle a 21ans.
Mon frere s'appelle Ray, il est un journaliste pour RTE et il travaile la depuis cinq ans. Il a 24 ans et l'aine dans ma famille. Ma mere travaille a RTE aussi, elle est un sous-productrice pour la Feuillton Fair City. Elle s'appelle Nuala.Mon pere s'appelle Eugene et il est un homme d'affaire.
Nous habite dans une petite ville, au bord de la mere, c'est tres tranquile, qui est bon et mal. D'une parte il n'y a pas beaucoup de criminalite mais d'autre parte il n'y a pas beaucoup des jaunes hommes.
Il y a beaucoup des magasins dans ma quartier, aussi il y a deux eglise et un vielle chateaux.

why cant there be a more interesting oral,.... sure half of that is spelt wrong.. i couldnt put in accents by the way so dont be a dick head and correct me for that. I am aware i cant spell for shit, but the phonetics are there!

Aw man twelve hours and i am finished! And i can speak the language with feeling! Halelujia!

C'est tout!
a bientot

God Ony Knows

To say it feeling sentimental.
Yea i know, guilty as charged. But can i not be sentimental at this changable time in my life? Entering a "new phase" as they say. haha I suppose it is in a way.
But what i really want to do....... what wud make me happier than anything, would be to forget it all, get through the next few weeks.. reach the end of this incredibly long and winding tunnel........and sit and watch tele.

Daytime television in general is the epitamy of summer and doing nothing. It is a clear sign of a day being wasted! I CANT WAIT!

Yea so let the good times roll!
i am sick of now...... i am hungry for tomorrow

While I am Here

Hmmmmm i chose life...... no no no not in a kind of Human Traffic/Trainspotting lets go paint the town with speed and crap in our pants.... more in a kind of......i choos this in the options presented to me by myspace because its the only one i want to choose?

Ok dont know what thats all about, just since im here i was goin to post something, itsa little better than working outtranslations in french. FNNY T>> ok dave take control of your keyboard!

SORRY WHERE WAS I AHHHHHhhhhhhhh ok im back, o

ok sorry now really where was i, yes its crazy that i am now learning a language in a fully kinda learny way, in that i will know it soon...... like KNOW it (and i meant the capitals there)

right now i have a load of stuff hapnin to me, ive got money (and i dont) and ive got the band..... ive got my music..... ive got my mind which is working like crazy at the moment, its actually controlling what i am typing right now, infact its the only reason i create, i constantly want to make something, music is my outlet so thats what i make, its only when i cant make music that i start to do something else(draw paint etc) its a bit crazy really..

my head hurts sometimes.....

maybe someday somebody will understand my mind, understand my music,,....

understand anything really..

i climb a tree with my head and me......

MySpace Back Issue: The Blessed Profile Pic!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yayalalayajkala hello....... this does concern my most deepest emotions..... i am trying to remember. In this satisfying feeling of dancing, i find myself in my own world, its the beat of the bass that takes my away.....far far far far fa rf a rfaf farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away...... hours pass......... too long, i miss nothing however cus i am in the now. Primary essence of life, of music, of emotion. Movement without thought, why think about anything else or anything at all! My own world, not alone, something breathing right next to me, the beat of the bass, takng me away.

Wow, lost the plot there, but i cant stop moving to the music in my head right now yalalalalalala hmmmmmmm my picture yes, that was the test, i need to talk about it, i cant think of anyhting anymore...... the pic, no nose....... is that why i look like i cant breath? Is that why i am blue? half an hour later from the present and i am orange i think but i dont know why! My eyes are popping out, i wasnt dying was i? the beat has taken control.. and shes stopped talking to me.

I wonder if its passages like these that make people think im a bit coo-coo!?

I just realised that this is goin to be here far longer than my profile pic........ maybe this will relate to them all?