Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Now Boy

I wrote this very silly line, between my thumb and forefinger, it didn’t make much sense to anyone but me and it revolved around the revelations of the world. I am going to let you in a little secret boy, now you listen to me. All these shadows that follow you through the caves.. all these empty bodies that cascade down upon you, they are all just white ghosts boy. White ghosts. Any time you wish to expel these daemons just wave your hand to where you see them and remember the reality, you hear me boy? Remember the reality?

Your imagination is your control boy, if you are out of control so is your imagination and when all else fails common sense will prevail boy, your just too young to realise that. .. and I’m sorry to say it but it will be many years before you realise reality.. boy.. let me tell you a story..

It’s about a stone, and this stone had a hard time getting pushed this way and that by the wind, the sea, the animals and the people. This stone had travelled farther than you could ever imagine boy… yes boy, waaaay past the shop on the corner!

One day this stone found itself below a great big boulder, and for a long time he did not move for the boulder protected the little stone without even realising. The stone was happy at last below this great shield, and set itself happily between the grass and the dirt for many many years. But this stone was silly for it presumed it had every right to its place in this safety and failed to ask the great boulder for permission to stay…

The little stone became more and more sure of himself, boasting to it’s forelorn and beaten friends the greatest of lives below this great boulder.

Then it started to rain… and the little stone got wet… and bit by bit, year by year.. the great boulder got smaller and smaller, the little stone was not happy, and began to remember the hard times, the punishing wind and rain, the endless seas… he could not let it happen again..

“Boulder! Oh big boulder! Why have you stopped protecting me!?” it shouted in protest with a tone so full of disbelief..

…the boulder stirred… the boulder growled as if woken from a great sleep… but didn’t say a word…

“Boulder! Oh big, brutish boulder! Look at me and explain yourself!” Screamed the little stone again…

… another growl that shook the little stone in its tiny spot.. and in a booming voice the boulder replied… “ Little stone! Silly little stone! I am no brute, neither am I a stupid little stone…Who gave you permission to reside below me… who are you to order me to speak!?”

And the little stone had realised it’s mistake, but only far too late, for now the boulder would not let him stay below its great shadow… The great boulder that had made the little stones life so incredible was no longer so great… it had gotten smaller and smaller… and now the little stone could not even creep below the shadow that was left below the boulder… all the dreams the boulder had given the stone were shrinking away and reality was dawning on it.

The wind…

The rain

The crashing waves

The cold nights



…and then the little stone asked the boulder why it had never noticed the little stone…and the boulder replied after a short pause…

“I was distracted by the world around me … there is a lot to see really… “

The little stone was confused, “but what about all that rain and snow, all that cold… do you not shelter? Hide away from the world?”

The boulder once again took awhile to answer…

“I was not like you little stone, I have not travelled to many places and seen many things,… I was once part of that great cliff in the distance and I too enjoyed the shelter I had… I too was afraid of the reality of the world… but in time my shelter disappeared and I fell to where I am now… I have been here a long time little stone… and seen many things… reality… I have seen reality little stone… and now you will too…

It may rain, it may snow and hail.. but for every drop of water there is also a ray of light, or a fresh breeze… for every winter there is a summer, for every fall, a spring. This is the way the world works… and now you will also realise that for every Ray of light there is also a dark shadow, for every clear day a cold night…

This is reality little stone… it will make you happy and sad…

…and the little stone let go of the earth below him….

And soon the wind blew…and the little stone moved on.


Now Boy, where are your shadows? Maybe its time to leave them behind..

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Round - Far Away - Circle

We step one foot this way and that...i can hear in my left ear... lets crack this bread head. One more go, one more try . and now my fingers are sore - thinking too much...breathing too much - Relaaaaaaax

So where is this? And what does it look like? Why exactly are we here trying to attain perfection with such a small thing? Surely i could be throwing shapes this way and that - on the face of things, on the face of these tiny metal sheets, we have lines and false promises.. this way that way, up and down...we will create the shapes you want sir, we will fill your wildest dreams with perfection.. more than mere pleasure yes? And we counted up from one, again and again, and we tried to forget the later numbers.. we would cry if the monkey was to pop up...i the world was to collide...lets now break our bread to this tune! Lets try and keep things to a minimum...minimum Numbers please minimum is maximum and where is that metal sheet now? Trapped - and i am running away from form - fuck the function...

the function is killing the true form.

the unplanned? lets not talk about that...lets just laugh at the fact that today a new form is available...its not based on numbers or on confidence...its based on opportunity outside of regulation - self appointed form - individual form - unprecedented, unregulated, unplanned form....and we kick it because we can .... we kick it for no reason but to kick it then....two seconds ago.... yes!

That was is... fuck that we don't need a result of reason.. here on the forefront of yellow parks we fringe the youth of going strong going hard going as far as going goes and from that you have grown from that you have been in the heavens of our reason in the heavens of out unreasonable reason, our lack of reason, our painful ...

stop... its not painful... thats why I'm stopping...its anything but...

these are the shapes of everyday... these are the shapes of today.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Bones of Heart - You Get Me?

Im not going to hold you back.. its hard enough for me to be honest with myself. Let's be honest here, and my clavier is missing every little bit. We are playing the bass to make your head nod forward and back in a provocative manner. Fujiya & Miyagi are changing it up in my temples as i invest my time again.

It's because i love it so is ... i promise! Dont you trust me? Don't you know? we all know, and yes im not ok. It's like losing a runway in the fog - the foggy earth - you dont sound Japanese at all and stop saying my name. Where did your name come from? i like it a lot but it is a little misleading.

I love it most when your bass and guitar (the other one that is, not the bass of the same name)..anyway i love it when they complement each other like that, you know when it sounds like a picture. One, the bass, is the frame - honest and true, keeping a rhythm and repeating over and over a reliable line. The other, the guitar, is like a line of paint, thick and shiny on a white canvas (maybe a blue or red - the sort that shines when it is thick and free) as if dripped by mistake from the can.. I'm thinking diagonal but it could be either to be honest.

Anyway yea i love it when that is the case... there is such freedom..

Ah now hold on who is that behind the tree? Is that a crazy man looking at me? In his hands the tree responds, to attack withing 10months.. maybe if we talk it out, and this rhythm is so solid we can even erect a statue in its honor.

And once again the sky it goes flat and cold. Bad news through moving speaking blocks of electronics.. lets be honest..lets not hold each other back... Im not taking a fall - Im on the verge of discomfort.. oh no.

New Site

New Site for you all to read my stuff.... this will continue to be updated as i add stuff to the new site also...however i encourage you to stick with as you number 1 place to find the most recent black box ramblings!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Whats that under my finger?

This little tank of thinking, this little home of hailstone shower curtains...

Break it!

And were falling to the sound of the rythm city beats... breaking over feet and littering the streets and the fairy liquid cleans and the fairly liquid softens the feelers. this is the going of the good this is the going of the gone, and who are you to give me a name like this, who are you to set me aside and ligt my home on fie? ho are you to call to the people of this world and declare war on the others you dont understand. What am i to do... ceiling under my above land... a white canvas to be painted the walls too...they are quite [plain...lets get workin!.....]


And who is this? of course i know this person... looking in the same direction as myself...seeing the same things..and doing the same.

Beats of the inside...ding the dong and the breaking is unforgettable.... we broke that record and put it back to gether without even the slightest of screams...without even the slightest ofr broken hearted men...

broken souls are unfixable....broken souls are the glue for every solid soul.... broken souls are unfixable because they are useless when they are fixed.

Can i have a new one? Thios one has gotten awfully expencive.....yes.....uhuh.....i have fo......yes i have four of them already.... what?...speak up i can hear you..... are you on a mo......yes......hi?....yes i can hear.....helllo?!?.....hi!....ok yes your back...ha silly where was i?, oh right yes i have four of them and they break daily .....very usefull i know, this is what i was thinking! But you see im moving to a new soul-er system and i dont need all four souils there... oh yes no ill only be selling the one but you can choo... yes you can chose which one you want..

I assure you sir that this sould is in great form....

the pain?

well the pain of my soul is found everywhere in HEAVY LITTLE DROPS...

only the best quality i assure you...


i can take visa

Saturday, September 13, 2008

In This Tank

Hello one two three... we all see one two three.... whats that? one two three...

Why do i only remember the one two three?

Why do i always remember the one two three?

In this tank we count one two three

In this universe we shout one two three...

two three

two three




not quite ure where it has gone... am i allowed to think this long...

perhaps i am a special one... im a little other "one two three etc" thinkers here.... i am alone i guess....

or maybe im just lucky this one two three time


in this tank we are one two three

one two three

one two three


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Yes, and well if you have to pick a side!

"twice in one day? Are you serious?.... i hope he had insurance!"

Than anywhere else, than any other place... yes i sat there.. no "than's" about it mister. And lots of singing, and lots of doing nothing.

I can see the walls of the box again.. sorta poking its body above the clouds... its on a good course, one that is fairly definite and unchangable. Its all going to land like a feather on a wave... just dont know where the wave is going thats the only thing

"I was born by the river, in a little tent,
and just like that river, i've been running ever since
Its been a long, a long time commin',
but i know a change gonna come, oh yes it will"
Cooke - "A change is gonna come"

A change is gonna come..even if it is Mr. Otis singing Mr. Cooke's hopes and dreams... he had a pont today, whispering through my head while i stared blankly at a pin up room. click click click....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Charged with Animal Totality

"it was just did your thing for the day...i did mine and then on a piece of grass overlooking the sea i just sat down beside you and had a sit.... and didnt say much for awhile"

I guess it works sometimes. You have to be real carefull you might find too much of what you are looking for. Sometimes we dont have to look and it finds us....yes thats what i said to you... and now you are bent double with everything holding you down.

will you hold onto that branch? dont let go now... because if you do everyone will let go too..

we will do what you do..

No! Dont be silly its not like that, you have more sense than that we know how you hold your head...we know how you love life, we know how you share everything.

Im waiting for that... you'll let go. And we will all fall.

Can i offer you some food? Up hear on your back we have everything we need, you make it possible because you wont let go. we might even have a barbeque and invite some friends...we will tell heavy secrets and do even heavier deeds... and you will feel it on your back i am sure! All this weight...but you wont budge. And then the secrets will mate and have children...and lies... and the lies will develop and grow old and graduate...and all the people you hold because you are so generous...they will cry, and their tears will wet you skin...

...and you will lose your grip - not because you want will just happen.

and everyone will fall?

And i will hold onto just one person..

and that person will be safe... and perhaps everyone else...

and i will hold on to my branch and wait for the tears.... they will come.