Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Bones of Heart - You Get Me?

Im not going to hold you back.. its hard enough for me to be honest with myself. Let's be honest here, and my clavier is missing every little bit. We are playing the bass to make your head nod forward and back in a provocative manner. Fujiya & Miyagi are changing it up in my temples as i invest my time again.

It's because i love it so is ... i promise! Dont you trust me? Don't you know? we all know, and yes im not ok. It's like losing a runway in the fog - the foggy earth - you dont sound Japanese at all and stop saying my name. Where did your name come from? i like it a lot but it is a little misleading.

I love it most when your bass and guitar (the other one that is, not the bass of the same name)..anyway i love it when they complement each other like that, you know when it sounds like a picture. One, the bass, is the frame - honest and true, keeping a rhythm and repeating over and over a reliable line. The other, the guitar, is like a line of paint, thick and shiny on a white canvas (maybe a blue or red - the sort that shines when it is thick and free) as if dripped by mistake from the can.. I'm thinking diagonal but it could be either to be honest.

Anyway yea i love it when that is the case... there is such freedom..

Ah now hold on who is that behind the tree? Is that a crazy man looking at me? In his hands the tree responds, to attack withing 10months.. maybe if we talk it out, and this rhythm is so solid we can even erect a statue in its honor.

And once again the sky it goes flat and cold. Bad news through moving speaking blocks of electronics.. lets be honest..lets not hold each other back... Im not taking a fall - Im on the verge of discomfort.. oh no.

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