Friday, November 30, 2007

Sometimes it happens

.... its a noise which makes you relax your head a bit.... you let your eyes decide where to look....but you never watch. The noise is ordered so that brain function is now free.. the song has started the mind has ended. Your emotions are been governed by the noises.. the piano...the drums... the voices. You have no control but you smile about it.. because for three minutes you have no worries, no cares... nothing. This is your moment to forget the sadness... the obligations... the mistakes.. the good and the bad things you have forgetten and remembered. This is your time to throw that all away and be free.. for just this song.

Its worry that brings us back... cause no song is that long.. man on the train looks at me funny, i dont mind, he can only look, words make no sense when the music is playing.

Its dying now tho, and my eyes come home, i blink and its over. the music changes the mind re-adjusts... and i am worried again, press the button. Start again.. forget again

Monday, November 26, 2007

So when i sat down today..

.. the world seemed to have a written script. I would read it, learn it off.... follow the rules.

It all seemed so simple.... so rehearsed.... that's Allllll i had to do.

But life is never that simple and worser and worser harder and harder, longer and longer, did my day get.

I didnt do what was written... what i needed to do. I fucked around. And now i have reaped the benifits, but later i will feel the repurcusions!

Life is never that simple... all i want to do is fall into the beat, forget the problem and embrace the solution. The solution is simple its just not easy

Thats why this never worked.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lightbulb Boating Through the Mental Network

The black doesnt hurt my eyes
Its brighter outside the screen...

it must be sucking the light in.
slowly inside..

my eyes do that sometimes, until there is only darkness around me and i have visions. I think my eyes wash the light, clean it, make it sparkly again. Because when that happens i open my eyes and the light is far stronger and my head is way clearer. Then the light gets dirtier and dirtier... and my head gets messier and messier.. and i dont know where to direct my thoughts... so i type here...where the light is not so strong...where the light is being sucked away for cleaning... where my eyes suck the light and i remove all the light from the world once more.

inside my head the light aranges my thoughts into wonderful things.. and sometimes when it leaves and fills the world some light remains and reminds me of them.. dinosaurs.. hapiness. sadness.. everyhting

its all wonderfull


It just needs a bit of cleaning

Monday, November 5, 2007

What is the Something

In my ear there is something old, at my fingers something current, on my mind something consistantly painful yet knowingly hopeful.. today however my money gave me something in first of firsts, back to the in essence, the groove of grooving, the ridges of written word... i understand my progress..this old noise is now replaced but in a sense it is far superior to my "better" self.. who am i to say that this is not as advanced...not as well practiced....not as brilliant.

Yet i get no attention anyway.. i may aswell be talking to oblivion...hello again... ... how true it is...