Friday, November 9, 2007

Lightbulb Boating Through the Mental Network

The black doesnt hurt my eyes
Its brighter outside the screen...

it must be sucking the light in.
slowly inside..

my eyes do that sometimes, until there is only darkness around me and i have visions. I think my eyes wash the light, clean it, make it sparkly again. Because when that happens i open my eyes and the light is far stronger and my head is way clearer. Then the light gets dirtier and dirtier... and my head gets messier and messier.. and i dont know where to direct my thoughts... so i type here...where the light is not so strong...where the light is being sucked away for cleaning... where my eyes suck the light and i remove all the light from the world once more.

inside my head the light aranges my thoughts into wonderful things.. and sometimes when it leaves and fills the world some light remains and reminds me of them.. dinosaurs.. hapiness. sadness.. everyhting

its all wonderfull


It just needs a bit of cleaning

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