Monday, February 16, 2009


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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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There is not much else to say really...

..its 6.30am... my night stated over 12hours ago in a subway.. was a good night...

...these are good echoes from home.

Monday, February 2, 2009


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I was a little conflicted...

as i sat in the Australian pub watching Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals sprint his way towards the Stealers end zone I was sure I had my subject set....

...there are not many things that can pull a Steelers obsessed Hawaiian away from the NFL Supebowl as their team seems to be losing its grip on the trophy... Little did i know he had never seen snow before...and so to my surprise sun drenched Americans vacated the pub in search of frosty salvation... I was suddenly deeply conflicted!

A "steal" by the Stealers? (cough) or Snow? (lets face it, snow does not need any witty introduction, its purely snow, and it's mad outa it!)

What was i to do? Both warrant a fairly in depth analysis... both could change the course of history... both could mean many things....

..but of course we already know how it ends. The picture above sort of gives it away. The Cardinals lost, even as they pulled ahead in the final moments (moments meaning 15mins - ad break- some analysis - and 20 replays....ill never understand this sport!) the Steelers produced truly incredible displays of athleticism and deserved the victory in the end... thus rendering my prized photo of Fitzgerald running heroically towards the line completely useless...

a picture of snow falling shall suffice... i feel it may feature tomorrow also. The word from London goes along the lines of "Snowed In" "Disaster Zone" "Fargo"....

I think that means its pretty bad!

To the morning we shall head...where early is the aim, and reinforcements from the motherland will be airlifted to whitened fields and moody city dwellers..

Hello Monday, cup of tea?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rip Out All The New Ones

And here we are again the hole with me and the others, listening to the echoes of the past bounce off all our hard work.

I know how you feel; nohing works, nothing sounds right, its the same thing again and again, i have done this before.

Even the novelty of the new cannot destroy the power of the old. I am trapped within the old walls and the new is irrelivant. We will pick on the green and blue... haul up the stars and paint a new horizon. We need a refresh... an etchosketch... we need a new... we need a restart.... do-over.

And then what?? The sun rises in a new square? no blues here only red? and we will walk out windows with the night... glass of rippling water... orange with the night... why do you never please my mind? here i lie.... yet another night....yet another hole... another black box....Echoes of reality....inner reality? truth?

where should i belong?

Shake out a new one thank you very much

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