Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rip Out All The New Ones

And here we are again the hole with me and the others, listening to the echoes of the past bounce off all our hard work.

I know how you feel; nohing works, nothing sounds right, its the same thing again and again, i have done this before.

Even the novelty of the new cannot destroy the power of the old. I am trapped within the old walls and the new is irrelivant. We will pick on the green and blue... haul up the stars and paint a new horizon. We need a refresh... an etchosketch... we need a new... we need a restart.... do-over.

And then what?? The sun rises in a new square? no blues here only red? and we will walk out windows with the night... glass of rippling water... orange with the night... why do you never please my mind? here i lie.... yet another night....yet another hole... another black box....Echoes of reality....inner reality? truth?

where should i belong?

Shake out a new one thank you very much

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