Monday, March 31, 2008

I Keep Talking

Back in the hub....back in the kind box....back in..... mind control set to autopilot.... permission to take flight:granted

Permission to lose control ....GRANTED

Do we take it for granted? i forget everything, i end up sayin everything and now i am here again in the mind box, the hub the learning pool. Are we all enriching the atmosphere with the knowledge we know and taking what we want and hopefully what we need?

Keep the radar on.... its out there sumwhere.... buzing about the subconscious .... having a big ol knowledge party..

my mind is elsewhere....

buzzing about.

Yet i keep talking

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good letters make bad words

It just keeps long can one stay away from it....your little "friend". Oh it'll save your life someday u know that, itll be there when you least expect it.

But is it a leash or a lifeline!?

I just wanna be able to go places... i wanna be able to turn off, i wanna be uncontactable.... it turns on by itself you does this you does that too..... it does everything

Fuck it

This isnt my thing

Im just awake. the usual shit... the usual bumps.... the same 300 shitty words.... the same 300 shitty results.... gonna burn this fuckin city of letters....

Thats all it is anymore... thats all that is ever right, at least they can read that i guess.....letters.... fuck sake

Lets see the bright side?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mist - Loss of Sight

YOu dont really need to have your eyes open, looking in any direction its always going to be black. Im thinking the tone is the colour... the tone is lighting up the eyelids, the canvas.... im always looking at the canvas, the painting dripping down infront of me bit by bit, as if it was falling into place, only to meet its perfection and slowy drift away again.....

Its a fleeting moment, and sound allows for it to exist... you will only understand for a moment sometimes, sometimes forever, but everytime it does happen you react.... you laugh smile cry scream jump dance breathe.... stop..... its when you stop that you know youve heard something special.... i wait for the times that it makes me stop....

I catch my breath... hold my hands above my head... then comes the sigh, not of hate or disgust... its more of a release... of the bad things in my system, the unhappyness released into the void, into the mist, where bad exists.... then all those things that worry me.. all those thoughts that i cant remove, or thought i could not remove.... they are gone and i am reset....

In this moment the sound hangs above the mist... inside it the filtered noise is weak.. held back by the release of anger, hatred, badness of all kinds that thicken the mist.... eyes dialate... heavy breathing, a laugh, perhaps just a smile,... finally gone, finally here... once tears.... you realise that the mist is no longer on your eyelids.... its no longer seeping from the temples... it is in the air around you, it is physically holding back the sound.... your head is open, eyes wide in reality... reality and the imagination seem one....there is only one place in existance with both mind and body.... and you are there also....

And so the mind is empty..... the tone thickens..... the mist is burnt by the flow of the music... and the light ignites in reality and imagination.... fule is injected into the stream.... Pulse....

Pulse, pulse..pulse.....pulse.... you feel it.... like your own.... one pulse... the common pulse.

nothing is held back....sound is everywhere and the leash removed

Mmmmm gota get back there.... wheres my coat?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Homeland.. opened boxes?

The box was broken, invaded... invited in? let in to have a taste? Bass.....bass.....all bass my poor bass boxes! They took a battle on their shoulders....tho they serve the man well, the serve the listeners well, i just hope they will live for another day.

So people have been let in, the world has finally broken through and the system is now in flow.... now just to enhance the stream, enhance the system


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Vibes and Vibration Specialists

My brains are all over the splat... and so it was set up, and so i am in it now... New vibes and vibration specialists, the roads are full the paths are full, this must be the full system. No temples in swing however, the temple fluid is not in flux, not in movement. Not what the temple needs,

What the temple needs in a good supply, a good vibration technition to fix the rusted voids and the empty halls?

Wheres the JAM!? wheres the JAMMERS? what are they doing??

THe city has the flow in its blood, but that is the problem the flow is being hogged, being taken for granted..

It is lost.

It has been lost down the dark alyways, down into the depths of the underground mole-ways.... they own what is left.... the diggers... the preservers.... temples in full swing, fighting harder than anyone else, .....Better than anyone else.... this place has fighters.... hard to find ... but when you find them they are unbeatable!

I will find them...

I will take my chances

I will get on with it