Saturday, January 31, 2009


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You know when everyone is just not moving fast enough? Some days i just don't get it. I am usually so happy to move at my own pace, that being fast when i walk, slow when i run and not even moving when im already late. Today however, and it tends to happen once every month or so... i was on autopilot. The world was in slow motion and everyone had taken to the streets to get in my way.

I was looking for "The Empyrean" by John Frusciante, a new release and obviously the third hardest thing to find in Paris behind red cheddar cheese and general kindness. Only after 6 metros, 2 Virgin "Mega" stores and 2 Fnacs did i find myself at home and fairly impressed.

This is a great album, not fantastic, but that there is a real authenticity and true experimentation evident.. there is no rush and no desire to please the masses.. this is so personal its nearly not for anybody other than Mr. Frusciante himself... however that's how all his music sounds, how all his lyrics come across.. a weird voyeuristic quality pops its head up every so often when you realise Just what he is singing about, and then you remember that he wants you to hear.... or at least he wants to say it..
Listen to the opening track "Before the Beginning" and the cover "Song to the Siren" and you will instantly love this album.

Yet another day of thinking... we tend to do that us intentions grow towards the roots of my musical adventure... and i want to play as well as i did back in the days when there was nothing else on my mind.. i just need time...

Happy voices on interrupted plastic talking devices, cold drafts through history's windows, nothing is disabled these days...nobody is unhappy.

I'm thinking heavy heavy blasts of the usual explosives and a side of history

Friday, January 30, 2009


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A day in with lights, cameras and action

Like any other day i guess.. we just have to pick a time and go with it. Those who plan ahead are clever enough to hide their ideas in an event or moment of renewal...i however am thirty days late and itchy to get goin'...

Never picked a more uneventful day to do so! I guess if it had been any more eventful i would never have come across this good things come to those who wait i guess....or at least those who do nothing.

Dan Flavin featured in my brain today... lighting corners and illuminating ideas that as yet had gone unnoticed. I must remember to keep this up.

People are out there in the darkness after....waiting for the lights to go...ding ding ding... with good news and memories from the land of the green.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nearly Everybody

Here there should be some kind of chitter chatter groove and game from the grivle grovle shiver shovel and we all break in two two two thousand where do i look to the groove?

Quesssssssstion four hundred break it all in four and five and fifty thousand believe in more and the soil will giv ethe thousands extra the thousand billion more, more more, more ,more is all we drive towards and i could have you in an instant i could have you in a heart beat i can press those buttons click those minds and break into a new existance more tangible and more existential and i am still in the shadows of the past though they are weaker and less inside the mids the temples the temples drumming drumming i saw it in my minds eye betweeen the night and the morning and in the morning and tomorrow the world will sleep the closed world, the foreign world the place where everyone does nothing and complains about everything and so i created you with the intention of collectivity and collection point stooooop dont look! and we talk to the

stop again....and again....and again.

this broke.. nice and slow and slow and delay delay....

where has the consistancy suddenly gone, the world has slowed to the speed of any any in time any in place and i shake i shake..

where will i go next...

will i grace the floor?

and again... near to full...near to empty...near to the gaps

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Monday, January 12, 2009

See it in Colour

She was lost, on the train, in the music, in her head. Everything moved around her.. probably for years like that. Head nodding.. eyes glazed, they had seen a lot i am sure... needed rest. Still, as everything shifted....she did not.. head forward..back..forward ...back... its in her fingers too..slow,tap, tap, tap... yet she does not let go....hangs... and trains go by, inches from her, the purest change... momentum lost in her, as she feels the changes, chords, notes, slower faster slower faster.... she knows what is coming, you can see it in her wrinkles, her shallow smiles, barely happy....barely anything.. and the world around you changes like the music...colourful, new, old.. on off, on, off... the stops, the starts.

You just keep tapping..moving so slightly.. smile.. nod...eyes glazed.. seen it before...heard it before... and the world moves...and i move.. and i am listening

and i am gone.

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Slipping in, slipping out of key... key this time... the right key... the productive key... juggling the whole ring on one hand was foolish boy, you know that! you KNEW THAT! so why lie to yourself any need to hands to do a real job of it, and now you have it! This is a real opportunity to do what you have always wanted and to disregard what is so blatantly required...for nothing..

Is this all free yea? I wouldnt have guessed... ill have the fourth from the right, third from the left, next to the bottom and very far from the top. Yes, that, yes, the one that screams hairy hairy hairy on the giant microphone... you with me? good i hoped the work i was festering about in would come back to me some day with a smile and i never did doubt my judgement. into tunnels out of tunnels, around the corners of city streets that call for your feet and scream in your ears!

Machines of metallic, motions towards the answers.... never will i ride.. never will i require!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hanging in the Shadows, Falling in the Sun

Is this world even real? It never was meant to be was it? plastic wood, plastic water, plastic castles, plastic magic. But WHAT magic! You cannot ask for the fake you just take t an you e happy. Happy upside down, happy upside round , inside out, outside everywhere. Its just right.

And then the sky came to join, resting on our shoulders and dressing the world in white sheets and glass crowns. The world hanging heavy, atlas on a break, the sky on our shoulders... the world drooped magical.

Dont let it in... neither the pain nor the white.. keep it out and look upon it...why else are we here? For days now the earth has held it in...clasped it with all it was worth...dont let go...stay for another drink! Please! you will not regret it i promise!

And we went up down all round

then i lost them all

and memories are now just that without the physical

perhaps that is what I will fix today, perhaps that is what I will do...

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sssa Ssssssa SSssssssa

Whiz past me whiz on up again... again again again...

im still wondering why again?? yet more pondering, yet more nothingness to talk about to the home team.... "ah sure you know its grand like...y'know"

All this to look forward to..

and all this to look back too...

white rolling hills, high mountains with dandruff... lakes that create and destroy... rivers that hide the evidence.. bubbles of white and blue empty height ... lets buy into that... and it was warmer above than below....brighter above than below... and the world was empty and the world was colourless.. shaken... etched... sketched... not quite this and not quite that...

and here i am...within the uncertainty.... sitting on uncertainty... lying on uncertainty...

lets drink the magic... lets remember the happier times ...are they as happy as now?

cus if happiness came in colours i felt a big white one today...

same ol' same ol' what more can be offered... ive got to go look i guess..

ill find it.

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