Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nearly Everybody

Here there should be some kind of chitter chatter groove and game from the grivle grovle shiver shovel and we all break in two two two thousand where do i look to the groove?

Quesssssssstion four hundred break it all in four and five and fifty thousand believe in more and the soil will giv ethe thousands extra the thousand billion more, more more, more ,more is all we drive towards and i could have you in an instant i could have you in a heart beat i can press those buttons click those minds and break into a new existance more tangible and more existential and i am still in the shadows of the past though they are weaker and less inside the mids the temples the temples drumming drumming i saw it in my minds eye betweeen the night and the morning and in the morning and tomorrow the world will sleep the closed world, the foreign world the place where everyone does nothing and complains about everything and so i created you with the intention of collectivity and collection point stooooop dont look! and we talk to the

stop again....and again....and again.

this broke.. nice and slow and slow and delay delay....

where has the consistancy suddenly gone, the world has slowed to the speed of any any in time any in place and i shake i shake..

where will i go next...

will i grace the floor?

and again... near to full...near to empty...near to the gaps

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