Saturday, January 31, 2009


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You know when everyone is just not moving fast enough? Some days i just don't get it. I am usually so happy to move at my own pace, that being fast when i walk, slow when i run and not even moving when im already late. Today however, and it tends to happen once every month or so... i was on autopilot. The world was in slow motion and everyone had taken to the streets to get in my way.

I was looking for "The Empyrean" by John Frusciante, a new release and obviously the third hardest thing to find in Paris behind red cheddar cheese and general kindness. Only after 6 metros, 2 Virgin "Mega" stores and 2 Fnacs did i find myself at home and fairly impressed.

This is a great album, not fantastic, but that there is a real authenticity and true experimentation evident.. there is no rush and no desire to please the masses.. this is so personal its nearly not for anybody other than Mr. Frusciante himself... however that's how all his music sounds, how all his lyrics come across.. a weird voyeuristic quality pops its head up every so often when you realise Just what he is singing about, and then you remember that he wants you to hear.... or at least he wants to say it..
Listen to the opening track "Before the Beginning" and the cover "Song to the Siren" and you will instantly love this album.

Yet another day of thinking... we tend to do that us intentions grow towards the roots of my musical adventure... and i want to play as well as i did back in the days when there was nothing else on my mind.. i just need time...

Happy voices on interrupted plastic talking devices, cold drafts through history's windows, nothing is disabled these days...nobody is unhappy.

I'm thinking heavy heavy blasts of the usual explosives and a side of history

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