Monday, January 12, 2009


Slipping in, slipping out of key... key this time... the right key... the productive key... juggling the whole ring on one hand was foolish boy, you know that! you KNEW THAT! so why lie to yourself any need to hands to do a real job of it, and now you have it! This is a real opportunity to do what you have always wanted and to disregard what is so blatantly required...for nothing..

Is this all free yea? I wouldnt have guessed... ill have the fourth from the right, third from the left, next to the bottom and very far from the top. Yes, that, yes, the one that screams hairy hairy hairy on the giant microphone... you with me? good i hoped the work i was festering about in would come back to me some day with a smile and i never did doubt my judgement. into tunnels out of tunnels, around the corners of city streets that call for your feet and scream in your ears!

Machines of metallic, motions towards the answers.... never will i ride.. never will i require!

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