Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hanging in the Shadows, Falling in the Sun

Is this world even real? It never was meant to be was it? plastic wood, plastic water, plastic castles, plastic magic. But WHAT magic! You cannot ask for the fake you just take t an you e happy. Happy upside down, happy upside round , inside out, outside everywhere. Its just right.

And then the sky came to join, resting on our shoulders and dressing the world in white sheets and glass crowns. The world hanging heavy, atlas on a break, the sky on our shoulders... the world drooped magical.

Dont let it in... neither the pain nor the white.. keep it out and look upon it...why else are we here? For days now the earth has held it in...clasped it with all it was worth...dont let go...stay for another drink! Please! you will not regret it i promise!

And we went up down all round

then i lost them all

and memories are now just that without the physical

perhaps that is what I will fix today, perhaps that is what I will do...

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