Monday, January 12, 2009

See it in Colour

She was lost, on the train, in the music, in her head. Everything moved around her.. probably for years like that. Head nodding.. eyes glazed, they had seen a lot i am sure... needed rest. Still, as everything shifted....she did not.. head forward..back..forward ...back... its in her fingers too..slow,tap, tap, tap... yet she does not let go....hangs... and trains go by, inches from her, the purest change... momentum lost in her, as she feels the changes, chords, notes, slower faster slower faster.... she knows what is coming, you can see it in her wrinkles, her shallow smiles, barely happy....barely anything.. and the world around you changes like the music...colourful, new, old.. on off, on, off... the stops, the starts.

You just keep tapping..moving so slightly.. smile.. nod...eyes glazed.. seen it before...heard it before... and the world moves...and i move.. and i am listening

and i am gone.

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