Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

It hurts inside.... its got me to the core, that i gave it so easily in the end. Lost my mind. Lost the soul of the situation, drunk with regret. Nothing ends however, and the world still calls to me.... ha the world.

Little ground stars.....as certain as the sky.... as certain as the suns, the countless suns.... we create the clouds.... but it was certain then as it is now. I will never forget those stars....those flashes of lightning, lightning without thunder. Only my mind can spoil that time.... and i let it....

This is me in the picture.. why let anything spoil that.... this...this is us.

So build on that... read all you want.... the sun will go down, and shit will occur in the ground....shit will occur.... but the lights will always turn on.... the stars will always shine....even without the rythms....even without the powersource....sound is always capable....

it was just a bad beat, and the audience understand...it was just a mistake...a blip a misunderstanding.

The communications are still open....and i still smile when they do... i still let it get under my skin.... each one goes at a different time....responding to ur touch.... and my mind ripples....and my eyes look for it. each one goes at its own time.....but there is always a pattern

there is always a reason

It is never just once...but that is because of the pattern

Yet you will always remember.... the stars were shining so close to the earth

the stars

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Response to "Time" - from "The Existential Crisis and other Musings" by Mo


Holding on
have i any need to wait and see why? Its in my ears, yet even when i take the vessel away it remains in my temples
flowing across my contents
is it not there forever?

Is this even an issue, can it ever be over.

I have placed my hand upon it
clicked it into eternity
this can never be fully destroyed
its out there somewhere
we seek eternity through our actions
we want to beat this giant shadow
i click everything i have into eternity
sifting through the net
and my ears are united with the rest of the world
with the world who wants to preserve me
me and my time
me and my reason

I try to find reason at night
this black box
this home

so strong
but what else?
i would scream for this understanding
i am in silence
my temples talk to me
my mind is free

its quiet here
this is in time
this is time i cant share

in these words
in moments of noise
in it all i am cutting every wrist
this is in time

with every thought in this silence
bouncing of the sides of me black box
i am dying
and time is in this.

Time is irrelevant
because time is in this
and now that we have created time has become irrelevant.

"At once a voice arose among
The bleak twigs overhead
In a full-hearted evensong
Of joy illimited;
An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,
In blast-beruffled plume,
Had chosen thus to fling his soul
Upon the growing gloom."

Thomas Hardy "The Darkling Thrush" (Extract)

And so we sing


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

hated that mess you were giving me.... i truely did, and now look at whats left. I cant even look at you, i cant listen to you. I dont what anything to do with you. Is that what you wanted?

And where is all began the mess is now rooted..... its everywhere in no particular order....

Im not even sure what to do with you....you just sit there looking the other direction, smile on your face, talking quietly...so content.... im content too, weve both found a new pool to swim in..... yet your looking in the other direction.... and im lookin away.

And where it all began my life still revolves...... im going everywhere in no particular order.

So there you both are.... sitting.... drinking....smiling away..yet i shouldnt want to hate you... but to at least one of you i do....the other just dissapoints me....

Ah its all a big revolution, our lines cross more times than we want... and histories are written.

Revolution....yet now your looking away

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

This is a new time of existance..... for me.... for everyone because of me. May i lay my hand upon it, voice it, read it.... achieve it. Ah to achieve... i need to release all that holds me back, all the desires, the hates, the heavy stuff that one shoulod never hold for too long.

I've been holding on.

Everyone around me right now have no idea, they go about the daily purpose.... the money in their heads.... the desires in their hearts, pumping through their veins.... it embodies them. They carry their own problems....

...They have been holding on.

It seems the whole world is holding on, success is when you decide to let go, and ACTUALLY let go. But it starts in the heart... with those desires come understanding and knowledge....."its been 14 times..and thats no lie!"

Im not surprised! One should always desire to be the greatest, tyhe most knowledgable about what they are doing, about what they love...

and so these vibrations in my..... the splash in my consciousness...in my pool of memory...and the reverberations are endless...

Im not going to let go of this.....and if that means holding onto the painm, the desires and the hate.... so be it. Im not lettin this go..

Ive been holding on not long enough.

And so the line vibrates with every beat, every noise i have already heard, already vibrated so much the line is no longer so tight.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

My little piece... that night i was walking to walk, that night i was looking to lose myself.

Frustration, little miss, little wind blower.. my ears fell off you know that, i could barley feel my eyelids. id stop to shoot you. but you were too fast and the witnesses, they had notebooks and life nets of their own. Its a battle these days to capture you for myself, the unique! the unique is impossible when nothing is sacred..

My little piece... this time i walked for happiness.... that night i was looking for you.

What did you hope to achieve? Why did you throw so much at me? I didnt mean to create such a fuss.... nip down to the shops... couple of bags of feeling.. couple of rocks of feeling...

you sent me the feeling... it was in the life gas... the life gas was all over the walls... i shot it..... but you wont let me capture you.

i was hoping youd stay inside it for awhile..but you refused... instead you sent me your rocks of feeling...ur bags of feeling

little miss...little wind blower

Little pieces, now ive found you, putting you together is a tough task... your all over the life air....all over the feeling...

but your getting the feeling... and sleeping to my words....my buzz calls.... your sleeping to me

little pieces

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Selling lines

Yes sniggle sniggle sniggle.... the word was created for this the beats flowign the beats flowing the beats flowing talking to the person up in the head talking to the perosn in the space to the person in the places of interest the p;aces where everything creates framed in the frames overdosing overdosing the over pull the undertoe the under steps the steped the flingd the long lungs of life inflate to pull all this in

to the beat

to the beats

the beats that create

the head is in the places

place it in the stream the sound stream place it in the flow of music place it in the sound stream hear the vibrations hear the screams and the blood flow hear the blood flow into the veins into the blood into the blood into the blood......vibrate the soul rhythm in the soul rhythm in the heart into the blood.....deep deep ppppp p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p i n t h e r h y t h m o f t h e h o u k fc ik h o i n t h e r h y t h m o f t h e n hg o u b k l o o d b l o o d b l o o d v po l i o i o i o i o i o i o i n t o i n i n i n t h e r e d r e d r e d



Get this out of me and let me be happier!

Get this out

Monday, April 7, 2008

Paris Rain Scape 2

Paris Rain Scape 2, originally uploaded by dunwho.

Im balzing that same ol' trail, soon it will be. I was in a cocoon, a vest of waves and sirens... drink and food... cold and hot...and cool...cooling insides, frozen outsides. Aic conditioned souls, warmth in the hands of menus and low beds. Messed up houses and reflections lost on concrete, roads to nowhere, darkness in a city of lights, lights in a world of darkness.. hours on the walking sticks, hours on the walking mind... broken minds...fixed minds...happy happy minds.. loved souls... admiration in actions... backstabbing... backstabbing backstabbing.... all for love... all understood... last rain of the heart.. first rain of the soul...its a cold soul... i wish it to be warmed in the future, whether in the system or in my system;;;

vibrations are required! we need to relate you and i... i know you have history, i study ur history but listen to me... and i will listen to you.. i want in on your soul, on your youth .... oon your darkness... i want your insides, and the underground. You hide it so well.... and it may be lost to your old enemies....but dont let it go.... let me in man.... we can relate..

and so my back screams...less sky tears please

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moments in a Place: Chartres

So intense.. i think i understand why now.. at least a little better than before...