Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sound Movement

Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

hated that mess you were giving me.... i truely did, and now look at whats left. I cant even look at you, i cant listen to you. I dont what anything to do with you. Is that what you wanted?

And where is all began the mess is now rooted..... its everywhere in no particular order....

Im not even sure what to do with just sit there looking the other direction, smile on your face, talking content.... im content too, weve both found a new pool to swim in..... yet your looking in the other direction.... and im lookin away.

And where it all began my life still revolves...... im going everywhere in no particular order.

So there you both are.... sitting.... drinking....smiling away..yet i shouldnt want to hate you... but to at least one of you i do....the other just dissapoints me....

Ah its all a big revolution, our lines cross more times than we want... and histories are written.

Revolution....yet now your looking away

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