Sunday, September 9, 2007

As We Look Into The Sun

I wait for it to come to me, I don't want to but i expect it.. like an inevitable event that must happen because it is natural. I tried the other night, surrounded by friends, surrounded by music, by drink, fun, excitement, anger,evil thoughts happy thoughts, lust, envy and hope I tried but to force it seemed wrong, even if to others it is natural i just want to know you. I want to be able to get to THAT point when you know when i know when the whole fucking Universe knows Then the Universe can lay back into it, i can get used to it, we can enjoy it, and all is good Hope is home Lust is gone Happiness is surrendered to Bliss and the animal is asleep The zoo keeper has gone home, there is no longer disruption from his guests silence is the gift of patience, patience is truly costly worth it let it flow some day it will be over, and the animals will awake, the keeper returns, lust springs up from a hole in my heart, i will deny it i will deny that even and i will be sitting in a bar, surrounded by friends, surrounded by music, by happiness, by lust, by drink and drunkenness, by ups and downs, by envy and i will try again and i will find myself sitting here writing to oblivion hello oblivion I know how you must feel, for i feel empty too, i feel it deep within, screaming at me with nothingness. the roads have no cars, the tracks have no trains, the sky has no birds, the trees have no leaves, the grass no green, the dirt no roots, the roots no food, the food no minerals, and all because the sun doesnt shine in oblivion. We create oblivion, we create its friends, we need to create this, but why and where and why not? We deny sunlight....we create Oblivion. As we look into the Sun, we burn a mental image that will haunt us in our future darkness. We need to prevent this.. oblivion lacks hope.... as we look into the sun remember its hope hope destroys oblivion, hope creates leaves on trees, cars on roads and green on grass as we look into the sun we look into full . I wait for love, i got someone on my mind, i wish i had that, i wish she mae me wait, i have time, i hate it! When the band comes in....when the beat drops and the head explodes with light, my eyes drift into this oblivion, and it is this time and only this time that the light, the light of the sun is removed from my mind, because i am the sun and creation is in the music, movement is in the body and my eyelids hold the map to enlightenment. I follow it with every beat, the thumping drum is a call to the source, where music is spewed out raw, regardless of timing or volume, music is elemental. A string. A gust of wind, a tap... This bollox that i talk is simply to fill up the requirement.....i am eager to revisit the land of false reality and unquestionable truth! Music - As i look into the Sun

Friday, September 7, 2007

Long Messy Thins


Shit man , you look away for two seconds, the world takes a gian leap in your direction and all fuckin hell breaks loose! I did that today, well the last few days and ever snce i've been living with the problems that have arisen. At work, at home, wih my head.

Of course it's all good in the long run, and if i think about it at the moment things arn't so much bad as... irritating. Everything is irritating me because the answer to all my problems are so simple yet i cannot for the life of me live up to them.

Its like how i see the current world crisis.. the environment and how we should answer our planets call or mercy. The government is asking for money, the agencies are asking for action against our governments lack of interest, our celebrities are asking for attention all the while our planet is asking for a little cop on.

here is the gist of it

Car no.....Bike yes!
Giant benefit Gigs no........ Internet advertising yes!
New nuclear power plant no...... solar power yes

alllll the energy we use for advertising for manufacturing of needless stuff like fancy childrens toys, for packaging..... do we really need to work when it is dark? Do we really need to have a car?

im sure there are reasons against.... but i dont anyway

i dont intend to either

i dont need that in my life

the future doesnt either

Music off

heads asleep