Friday, September 7, 2007

Long Messy Thins


Shit man , you look away for two seconds, the world takes a gian leap in your direction and all fuckin hell breaks loose! I did that today, well the last few days and ever snce i've been living with the problems that have arisen. At work, at home, wih my head.

Of course it's all good in the long run, and if i think about it at the moment things arn't so much bad as... irritating. Everything is irritating me because the answer to all my problems are so simple yet i cannot for the life of me live up to them.

Its like how i see the current world crisis.. the environment and how we should answer our planets call or mercy. The government is asking for money, the agencies are asking for action against our governments lack of interest, our celebrities are asking for attention all the while our planet is asking for a little cop on.

here is the gist of it

Car no.....Bike yes!
Giant benefit Gigs no........ Internet advertising yes!
New nuclear power plant no...... solar power yes

alllll the energy we use for advertising for manufacturing of needless stuff like fancy childrens toys, for packaging..... do we really need to work when it is dark? Do we really need to have a car?

im sure there are reasons against.... but i dont anyway

i dont intend to either

i dont need that in my life

the future doesnt either

Music off

heads asleep

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