Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Vibes and Vibration Specialists

My brains are all over the splat... and so it was set up, and so i am in it now... New vibes and vibration specialists, the roads are full the paths are full, this must be the full system. No temples in swing however, the temple fluid is not in flux, not in movement. Not what the temple needs,

What the temple needs in a good supply, a good vibration technition to fix the rusted voids and the empty halls?

Wheres the JAM!? wheres the JAMMERS? what are they doing??

THe city has the flow in its blood, but that is the problem the flow is being hogged, being taken for granted..

It is lost.

It has been lost down the dark alyways, down into the depths of the underground mole-ways.... they own what is left.... the diggers... the preservers.... temples in full swing, fighting harder than anyone else, .....Better than anyone else.... this place has fighters.... hard to find ... but when you find them they are unbeatable!

I will find them...

I will take my chances

I will get on with it

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