Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good letters make bad words

It just keeps long can one stay away from it....your little "friend". Oh it'll save your life someday u know that, itll be there when you least expect it.

But is it a leash or a lifeline!?

I just wanna be able to go places... i wanna be able to turn off, i wanna be uncontactable.... it turns on by itself you does this you does that too..... it does everything

Fuck it

This isnt my thing

Im just awake. the usual shit... the usual bumps.... the same 300 shitty words.... the same 300 shitty results.... gonna burn this fuckin city of letters....

Thats all it is anymore... thats all that is ever right, at least they can read that i guess.....letters.... fuck sake

Lets see the bright side?

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