Friday, February 29, 2008


Broken in the fabric, not unfixable but worth lamenting, now everyone needs to know, just like the worst breaks.... everyone finds out, and reacts....all reactions hit home and the soul is bombarded with the ram and held in place with the vice... it is never ending...

i feel unnerved..

sumthing is up the top place lose yourself feel it again , touch the void, be the moment.

just be in the yes no over theree yaping like a goo yuou become go ing ing ing hideing hideing killing killing hilling hilling joking i relally am i swear it

i need this ou it needs out we needout my mind and its parts are sick of the in timewe want more of the out moments more of the understanding moments more of the freedom moments, head dowm you knwo what is needed this is the fastest there is not another existance in my mind this thought is alone being along.....

along is alone, we are all alone in our heads at the speed i am at right now... my veins pulse the people, want out also the system wants out!

Let the system out

The rulers awake.... close your eyes

shhhhhh pretend!

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