Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Go With IT

Dont find me there, dont light that, dont open ours it wont be ready when you do i know mine wont, dont leave that to the side, dont expect that to be finished, dont expect anything at all, just be in there, get your head in there, i will fly on that, i will leave on that penny, i will.

light up light up light down that road, see it? on the corner? four bricks up beside the forgotten posters, the spent money, buy your shit, eat your shit, shit your shit, they wont shit for you i bet you should pay someone with your blood money, go on shit your shit, you payed enough of it with their money to let it go to waste.

This is dry honey, this is sweet honey, this is the honey to hold me down, and give me energy, wrapped in honey, honey for the masses honey to keep you rooted, honey in the hair, honey on the comb.

Why should we waste it on boxes? why waste it at all? Why even have it? Like before the clocks kept the time ticking over, the money wasnt keeping the world as one. the clocks are unique... the money is not.

Money is not now

its what might be and what was.... i know have IT because of money. Do you want IT? I need IT!? Dont we allllll NEED IT!?

what does it matter? The shit is still shit... the IT is still IT....

I am my own grave digger, i am my own ladder.. i am my own lightbulb, my own sun, my own

The clocks are unique... go wth it... the money is not.... the clocks are unique


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