Friday, November 30, 2007

Sometimes it happens

.... its a noise which makes you relax your head a bit.... you let your eyes decide where to look....but you never watch. The noise is ordered so that brain function is now free.. the song has started the mind has ended. Your emotions are been governed by the noises.. the piano...the drums... the voices. You have no control but you smile about it.. because for three minutes you have no worries, no cares... nothing. This is your moment to forget the sadness... the obligations... the mistakes.. the good and the bad things you have forgetten and remembered. This is your time to throw that all away and be free.. for just this song.

Its worry that brings us back... cause no song is that long.. man on the train looks at me funny, i dont mind, he can only look, words make no sense when the music is playing.

Its dying now tho, and my eyes come home, i blink and its over. the music changes the mind re-adjusts... and i am worried again, press the button. Start again.. forget again

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