Thursday, September 4, 2008

Charged with Animal Totality

"it was just did your thing for the day...i did mine and then on a piece of grass overlooking the sea i just sat down beside you and had a sit.... and didnt say much for awhile"

I guess it works sometimes. You have to be real carefull you might find too much of what you are looking for. Sometimes we dont have to look and it finds us....yes thats what i said to you... and now you are bent double with everything holding you down.

will you hold onto that branch? dont let go now... because if you do everyone will let go too..

we will do what you do..

No! Dont be silly its not like that, you have more sense than that we know how you hold your head...we know how you love life, we know how you share everything.

Im waiting for that... you'll let go. And we will all fall.

Can i offer you some food? Up hear on your back we have everything we need, you make it possible because you wont let go. we might even have a barbeque and invite some friends...we will tell heavy secrets and do even heavier deeds... and you will feel it on your back i am sure! All this weight...but you wont budge. And then the secrets will mate and have children...and lies... and the lies will develop and grow old and graduate...and all the people you hold because you are so generous...they will cry, and their tears will wet you skin...

...and you will lose your grip - not because you want will just happen.

and everyone will fall?

And i will hold onto just one person..

and that person will be safe... and perhaps everyone else...

and i will hold on to my branch and wait for the tears.... they will come.

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