Friday, August 15, 2008

"All closed! You can turn it on"

I have perhaps every reason to bend time and create a paradox.. if that is what it takes. And now im fairly sure the world is ready for this rupture, and groundbreaking division of the space.

It would make complete sense my dear if the centre of the universe was within this very microwave. For its structure seems altogether universal does it not? Of course it is within you aswell. Have you not noticed? It's right there! Can't you feel it?

I assure you it is my dear, constantly grinding away at time. Creating for itself a new space, a new universe. For the centre of the universe could not be so simple as a place, no that would be ludicrous would it not my dear!?

Oh no the centre of the universe is much more than that I am sure. It is more likely to be a state of time, or perhaps an absence of space or time. Or maybe its everything except a place, it could be a dorito and a can of gone off tuna, but still, not a place.

The centre of the universe is a silly idea you see. My dear you must not be surprised when i tell you that the stuff they have been telling you at space camp is altoghether untrue. They are lying to you my dear. Through their teeth! For they know little about the centre of the universe because they are too preocupied with time and space.

Oh look there it is right there.

Didnt you see it!? Ooops its gone again.

Oh Dear

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