Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Its August Foyst!

Nearly crazy how things start.... like my summer. In a lyric it exploded, quite clear in my head i was certain i heard it..... we all talkin shit then abandoning ship.

Bustain my ear, i clerly bought "The Coming" for just this reason. The 1996 album from Mr. Rhymes wasnt exactly on my shopping list that day, but to be honest nothing ever is when i enter a music store (everythings a possibility).. so if there is a reason for everything the reason for this album was so that, upon returning from an almighty gathering of great friends on the first nice day of the summer, i would be sitting here at 3.20-something listening to this.

The lyrics made it quite clear... Here on August 1st ... i heard it, and what do you know!?!?! August first!

There is meaning in all of this, and i am endlessly lookingfor it.

Someone might want to presume that my love for music, my obsession nearly is unhealthy/stupid/needless/waste/ridiculous...OUTRAGEOUS! I would challenge that, nothng gets in my far in my life everything ive heard has made sense or at least hinted at it. I hearing everything for a was made for a reason,.. my mind can never be fulfilled.. there is space for everthing around me...everything that wants to be heard... my hands reap the benefits and then hopefully music is recycled and recreated in beautiful colourful rythm rhyme and happiness.

I will never forget it, always miss it, and constantly want it.

Music - August Foyst

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