Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Beginings

Ok, i have 9 mins and 35 seconds, the exact time it takes to listen to Talkatif by The Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra.... nice music.
So the begginings of a blog. My means of writing this is in my fingers but i gotta tell ya my brain is elsewhere. School tomorrow, time restrictions, glorious time restrictions, the way in which i work. I create my best stuff under pressure,i feel i may need school to create that pressure but the fact remains i have to get up and do it.
Dont you just hate that? I mean we all hate it in some way or another but it has to be done! Its something we must do and well for some of us its the most enjoyable time of the day. If you go home after school and find yourself chewing at the gunk that is your brain, and ripping out your hair because you know you must study but you just cant, then school is definitly the best part of the day. You know what needs to be done for every class you have, the class itself is restricted and confined to a specific time frame in which you know you are going to do or learn something new. It is certainly refreshing to know that you will come out the other end of the tunnel that is school with something new under your belt or at least something you already knew further engrained into the chalkboard of your mind. Its when we go home, sitting idle at a blank page; the homework finished; the words learned off; everything ready for the next day ............................................
...... So why should i study now!? Why should i fuckin study?
But dear lord do we WANT to study! It is the strangest most irritating feeling in the world, the one we all get when we fail to achieve what we want, simply because there is no urgency in our mind to achieve it in the first place. You keep telling yourself "Why should i learn this again!?" you know full well why, you know what for and you know exactly when you need to know it by. Just wont do it!

And thats the end of the song! Night all, and happy studying.. if you get around to it that is.

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