Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Im a bit Curious it has To Be Said

Just a word before i begin.... the title has nothing got to do with this splurge of randomness.. but perhaps the fact that you are reading this is a testement to the statement that is the title of this blog. No?

So anyway i am trying to figure out just what exactly i am doing here. Someday maybe i will write something worth reading, but for now i am resigned to this little homely corner of cyberspace provided to me by the good people at Myspace. I hjave bought a door mat, a traditional "WELCOME" greets me evertime i step through the door of this multi story loft appartment. My tunes are on the stereo....... i have the best of my friends on speed dial and the rest of them are easily accessed through my phone book...... the famous people i look up to are chillun just a few clicks away, and there is always a random psycho near by to entertain you with random posts.

Then there are the neighbours. They arent the neighbours from hell however, oh no quite the oposite! These neighbours are so nice they even offer you the option of blocking them if they piss you off..... did i mention my pictures are on the wall? These pictures tho are a bit self centered i will admit...... what need is a make-over.

TODAYS LETTERS BOYS.................------ B
B for Boy
before i go on i must apologise for my shortness


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