Tuesday, July 31, 2007

While I am Here

Hmmmmm i chose life...... no no no not in a kind of Human Traffic/Trainspotting lets go paint the town with speed and crap in our pants.... more in a kind of......i choos this in the options presented to me by myspace because its the only one i want to choose?

Ok dont know what thats all about, just since im here i was goin to post something, itsa little better than working outtranslations in french. FNNY T>> ok dave take control of your keyboard!

SORRY WHERE WAS I AHHHHHhhhhhhhh ok im back, o

ok sorry now really where was i, yes its crazy that i am now learning a language in a fully kinda learny way, in that i will know it soon...... like KNOW it (and i meant the capitals there)

right now i have a load of stuff hapnin to me, ive got money (and i dont) and ive got the band..... ive got my music..... ive got my mind which is working like crazy at the moment, its actually controlling what i am typing right now, infact its the only reason i create, i constantly want to make something, music is my outlet so thats what i make, its only when i cant make music that i start to do something else(draw paint etc) its a bit crazy really..

my head hurts sometimes.....

maybe someday somebody will understand my mind, understand my music,,....

understand anything really..

i climb a tree with my head and me......

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