Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MySpace Back Issue: The Blessed Profile Pic!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yayalalayajkala hello....... this does concern my most deepest emotions..... i am trying to remember. In this satisfying feeling of dancing, i find myself in my own world, its the beat of the bass that takes my away.....far far far far fa rf a rfaf farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away...... hours pass......... too long, i miss nothing however cus i am in the now. Primary essence of life, of music, of emotion. Movement without thought, why think about anything else or anything at all! My own world, not alone, something breathing right next to me, the beat of the bass, takng me away.

Wow, lost the plot there, but i cant stop moving to the music in my head right now yalalalalalala hmmmmmmm my picture yes, that was the test, i need to talk about it, i cant think of anyhting anymore...... the pic, no nose....... is that why i look like i cant breath? Is that why i am blue? half an hour later from the present and i am orange i think but i dont know why! My eyes are popping out, i wasnt dying was i? the beat has taken control.. and shes stopped talking to me.

I wonder if its passages like these that make people think im a bit coo-coo!?

I just realised that this is goin to be here far longer than my profile pic........ maybe this will relate to them all?

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