Friday, August 4, 2006

The Lateness of my Readiness-ness

Well jesus if its this late already! Why bother!?
Fuck it i dunno, i suppose its just a matter of taking it as it comes u know. Like all these things to do, and well frankly things not done.

I need music.
And that music is................
Into the Rainbow Vein - The Campfire Headphase......... nice music.
So where was i? oh yea LATE! well like i said in another existance i am sure, lateness is a simple proceedure.
I work to the rhythm of the music in my ear, other than that i play it by year, and by year and by year...
until whoosssh its suddenly over, that "By Year" has become "By Day" and hours become half seconds, struggling to push out the last few words, the last few pen strokes before fate takes over. Everything in the "By year"'s have become By Gones, and voila its up to fate.
Sumtin as simple as that, as simple as anything i suppose. Its the simplicity that makes it so physically hard to actualy try and write this, im fuckin knackerd! So tired my brain is...............well if it was working it would have thought of something intelligent to say there...... and well it isnt working. THere is a point on everyday when it just shuts down, much like a record coming to an abrupt stop..........

Life is still..............

and im still late.
my god im late.

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