Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why my night will never end...

As i dip my head into the waves.. i close my ears and trp it inside.. It rumbles between my eyes, explodes in my temple. I worship the temple music, this is my calling.. the new, echoes the old, it sings the old.. burns fresh! I want these euphoric smiles, bright lines in my vision. Cans of destructive fuel, energy to the mental movements and connection. Zap the connections. Zap the Temple, i love the temple, the temple is the hinge my mind moves about. Upside down my mind moves about, upside down, my mind moves about upside round. It faces me, i can see what im hearing, i cannot hear hear what i need to see tho, want and need, i want complete disconnection of my own creaiton, i want body free... the rumbling is greater now... im becoming the sound... every rhythm is coalated with my blood. Great vistas of movement rush hour traffic in the sanguis network, faster faster, pumped my the industrial quarter, the workers of the world.. pumping the nation, pumping my body. The workers are listening, they always listen, they understand, they want to respond and act accordingly. The city heats up, seeping with waste, hot, packed, locked down, mixed, confused, irrational, busy, busy, busy.. then clarity.



the BODY is one

The Workers lock in... the mind is in control. The Temple is in full swing. And im looking at the city, at myself. veins on the surface, scratching to blow out, aching to explode.. nowhere to go.... only to move is the answer


The city is in full swing.. one purpose, one ideal, everybody wants one thing, everybody needs thing is the next... the body, the city hums with excitement. The pounding of the heart... inside it wants to blow out of my chest, if only to see what it is creating.

The eyes do that

through slits i realise i am not alone. This city is alight.... and so are the others. The world is alight! The world is on FIRE!

The flames are pounding the air... up to the air... controled. the slits are circles now... the mind is amazed .... the body feels the bass... sees the bass... feels the bass....sees the treble... sees the colours... sees the cities... sees the flames... creates the flames... feels the flames.... no burn but....feels the flames. This is the glass eye. and now there is nothing left to do.

The blood no longer needs to pump.... my body is in auto pilot. the world is in autopilot... i smile... i cry. tears mix with sweat.

there is nothing left to do... because this is the bodies home.. the mind is happy with the heart.. the temple never loses its grip.. the mind spins...full unbroken circles...the drum is gone but the bass remains.... the eyes give in.... the lungs dig for air...and scrape the unburned fragments, the workers respond and i am away again. The city roars to move... the cogs clank and power on...

Here it goes..

Arms to the sky....

Eyes to the mind

Temple in control

listen to the temple

Temple in control...

sing the temple sing the song... let your happiness be known to the world,

and the world responds...

let your joy be known to the world

and the world reponds

and i open my eyes

for there is nothing more beautiful than the return of the drum

BANG! heave BANG! heave BANG! Screaming BANG! Heave mother fuckin happyland... this is loveland, pureland, insideland, outsideland, warland, peaceland, crazyland, madland, damland, dreamland, dreamland

am i dreaming?

is this a dream?

I am in a cathedral, (this is a view from a train) behind me king kong, before me T-Rex, not happy. (Its saint georges day im in the sun at the back of the shops) raptors attack the people and kills...thankfully stuck out the back now, behind the doors.

Fuck this is familiar...

ive been here

Ontop of the box....onto it i go.. take no chances with the familiar oh no! t-rex is sedated but i know not for long...for soon i will be surrounded by the world... everyone will be hear to look at their killers... i know this....ive been here.


Im running now.. along the path from the cathedral (its gothic) there is a cliff to my right and the road runs upwards a ways... it looks long but nothing takes long in a at the old lady (i have run with you before, i have ran past you.. you were going to die) hello i say... hello...we must run.... bring your dog or you will die... ... i look back ...nobody is running (yet) this is when they run... oh here it comes... i know ....because ive been here before.

We run and i look back....its frantic now....everyone is heart is pounding... they are all around me, and the lady is following the dog too...good dog! the path runs at a right angle....nice country lane, peacefull id say in the summer, a nice place for a lady to walk her dog... a bad place to be eaten by a dinosaur, (tho is there a good place..) im still running by the way, i run into old friends.. one is helpfull ( i ask him how he is, sure whatelse would you ask an old friend??) he is running too (clever boy) he knows of a escape, but it must be pulled aside and broken...he tells me to break jump...I KNOW I MUST JUMP! JUMP THROUGH IT DAVE!



my eyes open

Euphoria is around... the noise...the sound... it is sound... it is my temple....

This is my body before me....i am before me... i have broken through myself.. through my mind... i have come off the temple off the hinges.. now i am free... now i am the colours i am the bass i am the treble i am the rhyth...boy boy boy boy boy who are you i am in the sound i am in the noise i am flowing... moving pulsing.... the blood is in aw... the workers are at a standstill .... it is the holiday they earned for they have reached the tropical paradise of man..


paradise is in the music.

music is in paradise




Should i ever close my eyes, this world will disappear and then i do it all again! But why cant i stay.. pressing the fader... why should i leave?....turning the nob.. do i have a choice?.... eyeing up the button.... who has the choice?.... finger to the button.... maybe i want to return....... the mind knows what to do... press the button! PRESS the button! PRESS THE BUTTON!

he presses the button...


in the time it takes for the temple to reattach itself to my mind, the world stops, the music stops... the flames are like plastic unmoving replicas of real flames, everyone stops...i have stopped. .. . ... the hing clicks on


!"£$!!$"£^$%*&^%(*&^(&!£%$¬%£!%"^&£%*&$(%)(&(&^U%$!$£"%!$£^%*&&$*&^£%"^!$£%!£$^%"^+*&&^(*&%()(*^)__)(_+LO>?{P?:LKJMYUMUHNBW%T"%TQREFGRT%"%Y^GERG%$^$"^$£!T£!$%^$£R$£"!RT"£RTI CAN FEEL THE BASS!£$TR"!%RYU£&$JNYEUJI$^&(%*£U"%YT%$RT"EY%%$&$%Y TIN MY FINGERS£"$%"£G$%£"$% NOW MY HANDS£"$%!$£"%!£"$%"! ARMS !£%$£!^%£$%$!£%!"$"!$£ BODY¬$"$"¬$"$ HEART!$%£%£%"^£"^%&$ HEAD $%"%"£$% MIND $£%$£%!£$% SOUL "$%"$£%£"%EYES

The city is moving

the city has woken from the lunch break.. blood says hello to veins. "hello"...the vein doesn't reply because it is simple a vein and not a blood cell! they all hop into line and the workers start it up one two three four one two three four one two three four one two three four 4/4 4/4 /4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 i am the rhythm of the body, the heart is my drum and we will move as one

i am the rhythm of the body the heart is my drum and we will move as one

Move as one...

We will move as one


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