Friday, October 5, 2007

Starting Again

I cant Sleep i cant sit still i cant decide why or what I'm writing. I'm on what you call a buzz .... i get this a lot in fact i think i am a buzz .... electrical current constant flowing complete unfinished because there is no end from which a beginning it can finish... the buzz is bollocks my mind is toast the music is my mind when the music stops i sleep but the music doesn't know how to stop . Somebody somewhere is listening, tapping, flicking banging, bang bang bang bang 4/4 time constant continuous erratic strange possessive. I just really wanna be there constantly in the flow in the movement creating the bangs creating the reason to tap. i wanna make people cry with happiness, scream with happiness, be happiness. i want to be the one to make them fall over and puke with exhaustion i want to drench them in bass filled darkness and bathe them in euphoric light. i want to see the whites of their eyes reflect the colours of music. i want to press that button i want to push that fader i want to be there.... i need to be there. i need it.. i want is music... its sleep... its content, it will never be content, i will never be content when i am content i will sleep.. when i sleep it will all be over...when i wake up i will start again.

start again

i will wake up and start again



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