Monday, July 28, 2008

Angels Dust

I am the tick you are the tock.
It is working as such, in this,
in that and all the rest of this
we are bound to this unison..

and the sun keeps rising,
to the buzz,
to the artificial light.
every rise like clocks
every dip like clocks

Where did we happen?
and so i scream, and so i call for the scratches
and on my arms i see all of yours
covered in it

You are understanding, am i willing?
i think i am...

There is a small part in everyone that loses the will, and in everyone the is a will to lose that small part. and you buzz me again,

i now... i now understand

In every world i roam

THis is the only thing that makes sense...

im waiting.. for more of your angel dust to fill me pockets

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