Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is Architecture?

Low and smile.. no misery today, not even a hint of foundations. Something has broken the stride, out of a mist a sort of clarity , a sort of structure is starting to punch the earth

down and broken, down and broken, down and broken. a fourth. this may be brutal and this may distract. this may make all the difference. Low and smile.

And so your walking, screaming driving shouting all away from here. And so you are. And so you will continue to do. Wont break time now.

That clarity disappears, and establishes a fog, but you would know that, a fog all around the family.
And we will start again this time different but somehow the same.

Now im going to slow it down, and now im going low and smile.

The skin im in, smothered in your electronic wash, smothered in your electronic stuff

Your stuff. Thats your stuff. Your giving it to me.... even though it makes you shake.

Because you want to feel alive again, and i want to help.

Low and smile

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