Saturday, October 4, 2008

Then there was a limit

Lots and lots of little bits, the bits i put down and took apart and the bits i forgot about. The lines here and there... they bring me back to time when i was only pushing at the walls...feeling their texture on my fingers...wondering if they will move at all.. wondering how far i could push this, how far i could grow...of course then there was a limit...set by those who had our best interests at heart...but things are different and i must hold myself back from punching holes in the sides...from pushing too hard... from breaking the limits...

but if i want to succeed i need to break the walls... yet i make myself stop...yet i think it over and over...

another one banged out..hard edges harsh...cold... tired, fed up with all the fuss... fed up with all the questions and ignorance.. fed up of all the silence.. done with all the noise... a good loud one was needed... and now its done

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