Thursday, May 8, 2008

See you there

The flowing in my ears, im losing it i think, the ability to do what i love. I should stop, i should take responsibility here.

Inside this dungeon, i am happy.
The lack of everything natural means little right now
ive spoken the words, les mots

Ive Beaten it today, and last night.

How did i do this and forget about it? That really worked
It really did and all of this really makes a difference ill have you know the piano stopped and the signs and the signs

the signs they are all there. Stop looking at me and massing with your hair,
stop turning your head and reading my words

Im tapping again..these keys my foot..

how did i do this again? Hw did i dot his and frget about it.

I should really print all this out., i should really take action. Theangle here is hurting my hand. the veins are popping

Im popping it all, the veins are flowing..and now i will write about you, about the future..i think i might make it

I think i will see you there

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