Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And heavy is ...

...you think you have it all under control..you know how it looks, how it seems, you believe what you feel is good..

in fact


you two dont seem to believe anymore, is it not silly? Now!? in this place and time? am i glue? and who are you to take my judgement as yet another pointless quibble?

dont do this for me...but dont pull apart the threading, the anchor i wanted for so long...and still desire.

there is a lot more you dont see....dazed... obstructed....afflicted... misled.. you woudnt care....i think now that you are just waiting for a reason...

and holding everything in control...waiting to let it all go

because you can

because your stuck

i am nearly too much in this light

the covers have been pulled the curtains too...

too much in this light

so we will change it ok?

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