Friday, December 19, 2008

Long Days in Window

She came out and asked him what he was doing there...he looked uncomfortable to say the least... he wanted whatever money they had left it seems...and she, with her head wired to her radio, looked formidable and provided protection for what it was worth

he walked away empty as the bank

They stood waiting, guarding their ground, waiting for the booze, for the money to arrive, and time it passed, land was gained...more to protect....more to use! Guiding it slowly between €100,000 and €70,000 the booze was landed....safes filled with prospect and christmas saved for the tramps and trilionaires alike...

The flower pot took a holiday from truck invasion....probably somewhere on the pacific coast?

Hello.....taking my picture i see....I'm over here!.....excuse me!.....FLASH.....

light fills the story book... i press rewind and look again .... the world grinds slowly to a halt, for a moment there is nothing until as slowly as it stopped the world began again, but this time water fell up and morning was in the west... until FLASH..... present picked a power play and poked its head into the limelight...

hello got me this stop looking at me

i have stuff to be payed for.

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