Monday, January 28, 2008

A Main Line

thought i had a grip on this, its inconsistant however, uncontrollable, i hav to sit it out in a constant struggle for understanding and whatever else? But wha if there were two or three, what then? I havnt the strings for that. Whatwas it you said to me when i hit you in the side? I havnt got that with me can i check the back and get back to you? I'll look in the drawer or do you think its somewhere else? I wouldnt know the answer to that quesiton but my fellow human being may be able to help if you, i can put you through to his/her department of existence and perhaps in a light year or so his/her assistant might be able to squeeze you into a busy schedule? But quesitons are more of an answer when it matters little what needs to be said but what needs to be done. The rhythm in my ear suggests an unsteady path through one direction however with many ups and downs....bleeps.... even the slowest minds needs it, even the slowest...Think it.. then do it.Do it then ?

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