Monday, January 21, 2008

Dashboard Reasoning reckons i had no other chance at anything....

A topic on my brain.... what is right.... what is needed however?


Its exactly what runs through your mind when you realize the stupidity of it all...

You know i wanted to, I'm sure you could sense it, instead i had to stop the car...

Wasn't the time, was it even possible? Dashboard reasoning reckons i had no other chance at anything.... but last night i realised people care.. people think of you who you'd never thought would in the first place even if they don't realise what they are doing in the first place truth is always floating through the air, tipping you on your shoulder, telling you a musky alcoholic air... a truthful air none the less.

None the less.

Am i less for it? Have i sucker punched the face of it? am i now running down that same ol' path.... I'm far too picky for a beggar and far to poor for such expensive things.

I know i want the white wings and flash...... but is it what i need? Do i need the artistic screen watcher with an opinion.... or the air dweller from everyplace but home? Or do i need the truth of it all? The one who thinks of me

Or do i need something completely different, the stair dweller... the one who stops you in your tracks...when all is out the window and the night is up... the second chance, the last ditch effort... the last push for the line? Is that what i need? If it is it doesn't come as easy as the rest, that requires effort.... however will it be worth it?

I believe, yes i believe in one of them, that part of my soul is trying to make a fool out of me however.

Play that horn

Sing it low and with feeling

Is it all out the window.... i could go back there and look and look....

Is it all out the window?

I will continue to wash the light and release nearly all of it to the universe.. and someday my soul will let me know... it'll release the secret.

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